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behind my back the words were said
spilling out words that my head is greater than

ok lets do this

please let me rap stell your words are tight
nouns are so fresh and the verbs are right
describing holy selves that serves you life
hold my sword to the antichrist
wearing panties right?
damn he twice my age
spiritual wisdom like a sage
crying tears upon my page

okay lets do better than that

if we better ourselves and work together our fate
will teach us about ourselves and the heavenly gates
eleven sides of fate that we can discover by ourselves
but some will only be discovered after we die
saving the world like bill nye I will fly
creepy like a pedophile make energy levels smile

why are there storm troopers its sunny out side!
thought that a couple days ago not lame i flow

on another level i be juggling swords
quigon jinn wants to talk to me these rappers be like bach to me
properly experience the jokes that we tell
just because we spread our wit does not lead us to hell
melting like an iceburg yeah you know i sink ships
my thoughts are racing yeah i like to think whips
big rigs on my mind as i sip cough syrup
gotta keep it to a minimum preserve my brain
so im writing poo poo sober with the mind we entrain
ourselves we are gasping for air they want us on electric chairs
killing is against our nature world peace
killing ourselves by violence and the commandments said we shouldn't
poo poo posting in the past makes me hated but i rose
did not become disintegrated
some things are not profound just speaking the truth
leaping the youth onto trampolines my rhymes bounce
time round here is taken seriously
deliriants be changing experiance
flush the toilet or the scent will linger
they disrepectful like the middle finger
little boys learn faith from us
grateful love

i fly high like jim jones
my hymns rose
i love you all
for being there
can walk was in a wheelchair
in my mind rough but hey its a freestyle better than the first one i think

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@ZMannZilla rap battle!!

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bjorno the hedgehog
#4 12-10-2017, 21:34:15 PM
braaap braaap braaap
matty b raps

 cheers m8
#5 13-10-2017, 14:41:19 PM
express your inner self
work hard like Iím a elf
best feeling ever felt
the hand that i was dealt
your days and numbered like dice
i am the father of the anti christ
my soul existed before god
more frauds doors of a spark in my brain
girls like cougers they cannot be tamed
rappers canít walk they are so lame
crawling towards me they bore me
four keys of coke sniffed lyrics uplift
crazy poo poo my thoughts are flowing through the air
rappers be rapping like theyíre mentally impaired
Iím not scared of the genie
merit over sees me
bring justice no muskets
i must get something new i grew a new form of flow i like
snow tonight chosen fights so cold and unforgiving
make a living love the people
leave you full of holes like cheerios
here we go gain spit ink like a pen
locked in this prison i donít always listen
hot like a fireplace
white like marshmallows
harsh fellows

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