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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
Yesterday at 23:15:43
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
14-10-2021, 07:51:18 AM
Dripped a long goober over the stocks section while reading the newspaper.
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
14-10-2021, 07:50:48 AM
Feels like we're not actually posting for every load, only the most epic ones 😷

You're right. I vow to bring this thread BACK TO ITS ROOTS with my future journaling.
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
12-10-2021, 07:53:47 AM
Busted one wearing hand fingers on each fingers and hand fingers for hand fingers on each of those fingers
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
24-09-2021, 10:20:38 AM
Spit some fractals directly into the toilet from a range of 5-10 metres
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
16-09-2021, 07:23:10 AM
Blasted sideways John Woo style while doves were flying through the air
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For example if I get a baby or poop rating on my post I want to be able to rate them thumbs down or America or something.

Collecting 1,000 signatures from concerned users before I submit this to the admins.

I'll add the first signature:

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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
09-09-2021, 13:45:20 PM
Tfw you talking to an internet stranger about ironically j'ing o. When our grandparents were at the same stage in their lives they had a family of like 4+ loving children and a house and fulfilling career for life.

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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
09-09-2021, 10:23:00 AM
I unleashed my spidey web to a try not to cum game. Even when I lose I win
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
09-09-2021, 08:56:16 AM
Busted a fat rope sturdy enough to climb on
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
06-09-2021, 08:21:30 AM
Busted a fat whoppa
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Gaming / ATTN Meep: Yakuza discussion
05-09-2021, 16:45:43 PM
At this point I'll never catch up to the series 😩
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Gaming / ATTN Meep: Yakuza discussion
02-09-2021, 16:25:41 PM
Can we keep this thread on topic or else I'll be forced to bring this thread to the attention of my local constabulary.
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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
02-09-2021, 00:30:30 AM
Post here every time you cum. (this post doesn't count)
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Gaming / ATTN Meep: Yakuza discussion
29-08-2021, 09:23:25 AM
I think part of my favour for 3 is that the leap from PS2 mudboy graphics to PS3 HD (well, it probably runs at something more akin to 720p) helped a lot in feeling like a huge refresh. Looking at largely unchanged assets gets old even in series I love, lookin @ you Castlevania. 👀

Akiyama was a good character in 4 if only for the purpose of giving the player someone to feel the struggle with. The sense of power in the lives of the other characters was built up so much that the reasons for Kiryu to still be getting in fights with street thugs felt flimsy.


I thought it was p good and fun.  :leek:
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