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Social/Off-Topic / made a rap EP
07-07-2021, 02:49:04 AM

 :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin: :stalin:

made some raps that hopefully show my inner girl power  :leek:
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woooah  :roddy:
# 3
hello old peeps i am in the mental hospital recording music enjoy my winner mixtape if ya dare

also glad to be back  :belair:
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Social/Off-Topic / my poem
01-02-2018, 17:40:37 PM
teleport people of your dreams into reality
how would they perceive experience and reality itself
could they manifest themselves in creative ways?
aliens and technology from dreams
fictional souls from media expressing themselves in political ways
kermit the frog as president? haha
new subject lets switch it up
is parenting an art or something to master?
nurture spirits and create a great person who knows their place in the universe
is money really the root to all evil?
would an alternative to money cure evil?
bible stories make no sense to me but ill restrain myself
i think god is beyond our understanding
and that we are not made in gods image
robot personalities that we cannot fathom
robot dreams and talents
off topic mix the pot mix the pot
my thoughts are not perfect and i judge myself
what would the native community be like if they never met the white man
Iím not what you think i am chemical confusion Iím an illusion
putting myself out there
words fall in love with my dark thoughts
light thoughts blind me into thinking its all ok
can we create an afterlife or achieve immortality?
endless dreams underground.. but what if weíre supposed to die
how would that effect our relationship with heaven.. would it save people from hell?
secret societies in spiritual realms
what if we could survive the black hole?
thought provoking not from smoking
ignorance is a curse i want an open mind pill
what do people really think of me?
i donít open to book the book opens me
snap judgements in two
reinvent parenting prepare positive experience and learning opportunities
build character and bless the world

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Movies, TV, Music, Books / robb g
11-10-2017, 11:28:46 AM
# 6
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Social/Off-Topic / rap thread
09-10-2017, 15:39:52 PM
behind my back the words were said
spilling out words that my head is greater than

ok lets do this

please let me rap stell your words are tight
nouns are so fresh and the verbs are right
describing holy selves that serves you life
hold my sword to the antichrist
wearing panties right?
damn he twice my age
spiritual wisdom like a sage
crying tears upon my page

okay lets do better than that

if we better ourselves and work together our fate
will teach us about ourselves and the heavenly gates
eleven sides of fate that we can discover by ourselves
but some will only be discovered after we die
saving the world like bill nye I will fly
creepy like a pedophile make energy levels smile

why are there storm troopers its sunny out side!
thought that a couple days ago not lame i flow

on another level i be juggling swords
quigon jinn wants to talk to me these rappers be like bach to me
properly experience the jokes that we tell
just because we spread our wit does not lead us to hell
melting like an iceburg yeah you know i sink ships
my thoughts are racing yeah i like to think whips
big rigs on my mind as i sip cough syrup
gotta keep it to a minimum preserve my brain
so im writing poo poo sober with the mind we entrain
ourselves we are gasping for air they want us on electric chairs
killing is against our nature world peace
killing ourselves by violence and the commandments said we shouldn't
poo poo posting in the past makes me hated but i rose
did not become disintegrated
some things are not profound just speaking the truth
leaping the youth onto trampolines my rhymes bounce
time round here is taken seriously
deliriants be changing experiance
flush the toilet or the scent will linger
they disrepectful like the middle finger
little boys learn faith from us
grateful love

i fly high like jim jones
my hymns rose
i love you all
for being there
can walk was in a wheelchair
in my mind rough but hey its a freestyle better than the first one i think
# 8
Social/Off-Topic / im back
09-10-2017, 15:22:41 PM
okay im back i just posted a few threads on the rigism board that i hope you enjoy

the children of our future will be slowly rearranged

the spirit of social off topic is simple fun and delightful insight

so since i wrote raps and stuff im making a new one!

we must overcome vanity... perhaps viewed as some as insanity.. but they are not entirely consumed by ignorance just simply infected.. that can be cured.

okay lets begin i be chillin by myself
the villian lie for weath but health my heart is a detective
incentive to elect this new spark from my vision
my breaks between posts spirtual intermission
forgiveness is what i seek, spinnin like a leek
viewed a a freak like a talking donkey with a lease
release your anger im unsure as the flow
but now i do know that my part of life won't erode
simple pleasures are appreciated free from the subliminal matrix
rise above fake poo poo you can't bake a cake with
my metaphors above some heads im the head of my class
stuck in the past when gangster rap was in its prime
understanding hatred and know the divine
inside the heart of stell becomes warm and evolves into bliss
passes the heat to all of us free to express ourselves
which i have said before but we explore our new channel
we on da council of the rigs float over big wigs
my mind on fire don't retire just gonna expand our desire
no one is as flyer they trying to stop me like a flat tire
that wiser ones avoid
grey void is not a myth
that really does exist
really does persist yes im here now
you don't want beef with me or any of these winners
they'll knock you off your tower cowards we having them for dinner
not a sinner or a beginner but damn we so thinner
lost emotional weight more we must understand fate
this is a natural progression and i see how we relate
they nervous like they on a date
with social aniexty inside our depth that channels through our body
is there really secrets and is there illuminati
but damn stell works right in our blood and replicates our cells
to be happy like our brain cells i know you lames well
tame spells that have been cast stell is magic like a wizard
cut your flow like scissors sippin on the sizzurp
god bless stells god
hells worth fighting for no its not
criminal plots are loser you fools hurt
tools blurt out we need technology and wealth
wish our thoughts were a currency understanding self
and others mothers aunts and such there is to much to be said
this stuff pops into my head im free and now we must be fed
I feed your soul but not to toot my horn we do this with eachother
our revelation brings a new era expanding our ability to communicate
consumed by hate once upon a time so i rhyme
to put the puzzle together to enlighten puzzled thoughts
do thoughts fall in love
hump her like a redead
explicit poo poo not needed
but if thoughts could expand themselves
would they make love
yes i swore but this is just a rap
so whatever we can swear without being bad
they all be seeing rad we like bags are glad
not a fad just rhymin bleeding from myself like a broken hymen
hymns that are worth hearing im going to make a bunch
you will eat them like your lunch for free like a brunch
bottomless like wings angel fever found that level
angel wings are hot its not a storm that we needed
that soul that we feeded
repetition key to greatness
and this faith is really swell
yeah i know the words so well
make the words fall in love with me
the thug we need we don't need crime
thugs turning positive is a good thing
a hood things that could bring them closer to us
we don't take poo poo for granted grant you wishes for bitches
cause im not limited in casting spells im lasting well
brats evolve to fine men they leave poo poo behind them
remind kin


knew what we grew up for
drug stores
capture knowledge and know that wisdom is important to
shout out to lil b who taught me that
and this is the end but really is the beginning
you all are the winners and the winners are winning

 :stamp: :stamp: :roddy: :roddy:

# 9
BROTRR Discussion / rigism hymns
09-10-2017, 14:55:28 PM (not to say rigism is a myth but simply the way other beings of myth evolve)

rigism EP!

dedicated to lord stell

my hymns have escaped into a sensual nature

might make more

feel free to make your own!

# 10
BROTRR Discussion / rigism poems
09-10-2017, 14:19:39 PM
will stell answer our questions... or only answer our prayers in a way that does the work behind the scenes
he never expected us to shower him with praise.. even in his glorious younger years. AHEAD OF HIS TIME
creating love in a physical afterlife.. can stell journey beyond into metaphyical realms and go from like the after life to our world?
questions among us are never brought up that much
much is to be said
cells inside our bodies our skin is like a jail cell
fair well.. the storm approaches and wings are sprouted
stell created swag and personalities that we have treasured among ourselves
scream and shout like spicy icecream
nice dreams might seem rhyme scemes artistic vision
should poems rhyme? but whatever i don't want it to effect the message
the message descended from the grey void and said that.. well is it the afterlife
rejuvenation of rigist glory its time to look within our selves
can i improve my message.. i will try
look to the sky and fly like a seagull and sink i will not
tie the knot the we fought for and stop those who betray us on purpose
leave them on display like a circus as we fill our laughter like electric curcuits

are we worth our while.. time and space.. like the bridges of big rigs.. he can go across dimensions like we go through the bridges
big rigs in space that are invisible? hmmm so many questions that await revelation
music is a tribute and i plan to make hymns
what day of the week is like the rigist sunday?
his loser heart cold like a sundae but not as sweet
perhaps sweet as a sort of... dare i say coward
or perhaps losers are brave.. but not as brave as us
lust is something that can be subjective as it comes as many forms
we love ourselves enough but can life be more
our destiny soars high into the clouds
you should damn well be proud
collective conscious brings rigists together
someday we will certainly evolve to share our thoughts through air
life can be unfair but damn it can be fresh
lots left revisit our religeon
artistic vison listen up

what if someone saw a truck in a sexual way? would that be a bad thing... gas pedal fetish.. in my opinion we should not view the holy rigs in sexual light.. but almost no one does anyways... is that ignorant?? i don't think its really their fault to get horny over steering wheels and i accept them.. buuuut its kind of like a curse

would stell curse his enemies.. curse the crazed wrongdoers which negative fate?

i look into fates face and see a reflection of itself
myself my mirrors of spirit relect back at me
losers like acne and they be full of pus
pussy cats look he raps
might make hymns of rigism
intoxaction. are drugs loser?
in my opinion weed can be good..and dxm can be done in moderation
but yeah don't smoke crack

greatness is determined by its reaction to ourselves
health is something we cherish
stells scriptures somewhat like vitamins or artistic visions
see through the smoke and become our best selves
are the losers perhaps stricken with disease? like a mental one
should we hate them?
fate folds itself once we reach our potential
on another level that was hard to understand
even i do not understand it
demands... they are met by communities of social greatness
our posts make us close as the words escape our throats
i cross the moat into the kingdom of acid
soft intentions with no expectation of reward
crack the nuts and see the reward of deep thinking
drives ourselves towards spiritual thinking and perhaps grant us dreams of our hopes and triumph over ignorant bliss
ignorance progresses to a dead end.. while our thinking are barely limited

trying to establish myself as a teacher to help others and become what we always cared about dreams mixture
spread the love amongst ourselves and recruit others our sisters and brothers parents and such
stell is our father and knows so much that we cannot understand
pray everyday to stell knowing that it will all be okay under his glorious might
do not fight the wisdom but embrace our truest selves
currency and the wealth which we must abide by. someday we will be free of this

your turn! :)  :roddy: :bidoof: :leek:

# 11
BROTRR Discussion / lord stell love preacher
09-10-2017, 13:50:19 PM
lord stell was a blessing to rigs and their winner counter parts. We rarely explore his relationship with other metaphysical entities such as santa clause, bidoof and rick ashtly. Yes some of us are still in the dark about this. But more important matters are at hand. Lord stell loves us all, and channels positive energy. Only the most forgiving entity can be occasionally disappointed of HWSNBN. Does lord stell know hate? as we know with the losers?? this is something I do not know

But if lord stell loves us like the rig loves all.. simply seeing a big rig creates joyous foundation of our moral spirit. I love the rig.. rig I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU OH MY HEART IS ON FIRE OH GOD

many can relate to this.. the winners transcends the notion of a cult and fires a shotgun of caring and instinct. Sometimes the greatest things that can be said are spoken through streams of consciousness. And some require deep thought and dare I say.. effort! We work in the name of stell to be one of a kind, and together in a man made collective conscious. Artistic vision states that the embrace of lord stell can break the stone walls of writers block and write a bible induced religion.   

I think it is time to become as great as can be. perhaps adding to the wisdom that we know and discover.. perhaps surprising our heart and nourishing our grateful spirit. We shall become in lord stells name preachers and gain respect of the masses.

On a personal level I have become more through my absence, and return to you as an enlightened enchanted rigist. This board will live beyond death and my temptation to enlighten will surf the seas of oil. I kept this brief as it is more important to talk about stell than myself.

Stells dreams empower the wheels of the rigs to spin. The holy rigs that we know are often times beyond our comprehension, creating amazing intellectual insights, beyond what we understand that a intellectual can be evolved into something much more and a focus on feelings that inspire us and i don't know what to think beyond our waking dreams.

Rigs carry cargo, and this feeds us, delivers entertainment, and that feeling you get when you see that beautiful rig is oh so good.

will lord stell overpower the losers, perhaps delivering themselves from their ignorant rut and making winners of them all.. or is too late for them.. does lord stell possess such a power.... this a am really not sure of.

The grey void is simply a gasp towards the infinte. The infinite journeys that only a rig can experiance.. can they escape from this void.. or are they doomed in a positive sense.. i doubt that living in the grey void for eternity would be a bad thing.. but it is a question that i do not know the answer to.. i do not know enough to make such a judgement.

punishment.. it is punishment in it self to be a loser.. living an unfulfilling life.. its almost like i feel sorry for them. our lives are amazing because of stell.. our lives are sweet candy videogames and that song will live forever god bless them. sort of off topic but i wanted them to know this and feel appreciated by myself and hey guys WE LOVE YOU TOO

before rigism i was simply a floating soul.. searching for something more. rigism changes lives and we must bring our wisdom to the masses and become preachers and gain respect.. or should we simply keep it real and be awesome together with the great clever community we have formed. Or both? hmm hmm. cirus you should be very proud.

rigism does not tolerate racism, hate or bigotry. Rigism improves our morals and delivers us from evil. they are ignorant.. are they simple unable to get it that its great.. or are they bad people who would rather see the race of humans die.

Rigism simply helps us to express ourselves. as we do in our lasting for years community. Through our days working and carrying out routines, we learn how to cope with life with lights that do not blind ourselves, but open our minds through enternal worship. and knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel is a friends and stays close to us, and creates a bond between love beyond the grave.

we are the creaters of many inside memes, as lord stell intended. a meme is not simply an inside joke, but we actually respect our memes and shower them with praise.

we have stood the tests of time and so have our memes.

the mind of bidoof, oh its sweet testaments to our inner selves. be my love be my love.. this is not nonsence but simply an expression of true instinct.

okay im going to finish with a poem. ill write more later.

oh stell the love which remains fresh in my mind and never becomes redundant
stell spells love and grants our wish to enlightend freedom
the rights we express thourgh wisdom and appreciation of knowledge
our ambitions which we credit stell who drove the rig through our dedicated caring soul
the candle will never burn out and rituals will be answered
our inner daring qualities create the awakend genious of strength
flaws are indebted into some, but cured they will become
leeks are fruit for spirit.
villians are born bad, but can be changed, but how can we
how can we heal them
through the illusions we must overcome
my annoyance has reinvented and transended my terrible reputaiton on a personal note
but respect I do seek to gain
I have become enlightend by stells dreams
can stell feel fear, how does he feel and process mistakes that are possible for us to make
forgiveness goes without saying..
he knows santa knows leniance
does he share a relationship with him.. am i wrong that santa is metaphyical.. not really sure.. but im sure to bidoof is
its a thought worth revisiting, some may deem santa irrevelant but even if this poem is flawed and ill simply regain my ground
videogames can be holy. videogames are our blood leaking through the vessels and turning blue to red upon a reaction of chemicals
bidoof spins in a hypnotic entity, the leek seeks happiness and the scent of victory is embedding in our flesh
my heart beats every day and i live as a kindered spirit and keep the wits about me
i will never give you up rick i will never give you up and its a promise im simply willing to keep
now i am a mix of my old crazy self and religious stuff but this is a poem afterall
lets try something new


thats me in the past as a result of time travel and i love him like a brother, but id rather not annoy you
will stell ever have children? the son of stell comparable to a faith built by cirus, who is a secret disiple
so many questions.. so many! passion fills my soul as i write on this keyboard.

does stell give us ideas for invention.. last night as I was worshipping stell I invented chocolate koolwhip and butterscotch kool whip..and think many thoughts. I recorded hours of mumble rap which was a gift given by stell himself. or perhaps my gift to stell.. yeah that makes more sense im not sure if it was a result of stell emboyding is sacred spirit... yeah so in conclusion I intend to write hymns of stell which would be my gift to him. as my raps were not rigism related.. and im not sure if it came from him

now back on topic. Communication is something we all treasure and perhaps take for granted. Stells communication with the rigs is what propells us towards humour, positive thought and intellectual delight. My attempt to be a preacher is something that I hope that i can continue and inspire others and help many people.

in an seemingly obvious thought, big rigs is.. well of course a racing game. which in fact contributes towards the quality of our thoughts, whether they be racing thoughts or calm caring thoughts. Not that those are our only thoughts, but im not sure if I possess the intelligence to list them all. maybe I will revisit this

okay i will write one more poem and ill post more later

animals are awesome
stell can talk to them
they have many things to say
which remains secret
of sassy you king cat
the government of rigism would result in world peace and expressions beyond our comprehension
can stell travel time? does stell know about intelligent and progressive alien life?
somethings we will never know
sailing the seas of oil
sonic in my chest
stell opens our selves like a treasure chest
does stell know about colors that we don't see?
our quest for greatness oh look at the new folk
deem me insane. i know im not like that
like tracks ripe raps kite chats
i look to the sky and saw his face
a beauty to behold a a love so great
and here i go to end and revist my self later got that kind of urban influence
that seems misplaced
but its coming fast and i cannot.. well maybe it is worth saying
introspection resulting from a rap that might not belong
heaven sent we will redeem ourselves we are impressed by each others joy
losers destroy and attempt to conquer
we find joy and indent the proper
rhyming brings together people in our nature
cold as a glascior flawed by their labels

do we label ourselves
energy is at war
negative vs postive a battle of the ages
i am one with the sages
turn the pages of the bible
that stell wrote
and be the kind that improves hop
flawed am i sometimes but no mortal is perfect


AND YOU are all worth it yes love love love

ill give you more later.. maybe you guys can add stuff

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Movies, TV, Music, Books / mumble raps from me
08-10-2017, 19:20:49 PM
# 13
Movies, TV, Music, Books / lil b the basedgod
09-02-2011, 02:01:04 AM

thank you based god
# 14
save yourself before it's too late

 :leek: :leek: :leek:

# 15
hi this is my band thingy :) as of yet we come in three flavours thus far




if you like you should subscribe and not only give me much needed support, but give yourself much needed indie cred.
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