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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
Today at 04:29:18
spotted on my AC yesterday
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
Yesterday at 20:23:41
Listen to ZIGS, he knows his poo poo
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
22-05-2017, 21:59:25 PM
Please post any unexpected 69s you encounter
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Just pushed out a new update - Just little bugfixes unfortunately

But I have a few plans for the FUTURE:

* Integrate Google Play Achievements to encourage more posting and rating
* Add offline mode
* Probably add some kind of notifications for ratings and new posts (pull notifications instead of push most likely)

Also kinda wanna make a big rigs themed match 3 game to learn libgdx

Just trying to expand my small brain to its limits and learn everything i can so that maybe, just maybe, I can stop being a failure le sigh
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# 6
YWOC join the discord!!!!!!!!!

but also post more and download the WINNER app
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Gaming / Minecraft Server
13-05-2017, 19:37:33 PM
# 8
Probably. I don't remember a reset when I was playing
# 9
Good thing i took a bunch of screenshots when i was playing

This was my house and the "Skrag Mountain" rollercoaster. I think DZ's house was somewhere over that hill

This was my other house:

Trap I set to keep EJ out of my house (it worked)

EJ's response (he was so mad he deleted his account on this forum)

This was me

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Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
11-05-2017, 08:17:13 AM
Forum is dead, app is alive
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Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
10-05-2017, 08:18:38 AM
That was a good response! Thanks for cheering me up.  (Y)
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Bug: emotes/bbcode picker does not appear on new topic page
fix rolling out...
# 13
winner app just got a new user from south korea
# 14
OK i'll fix that

Interesting results for my System Sound Replacer app:

When i first launched this app it wasn't getting any hits, so I thought:
"Hmm, maybe it's just not a good idea for an app"

But after i updated the store page with a link to the source code I started getting hits!

3 downloads since May 2nd

All Samsung users

None of them left feedback

Pretty interesting
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Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
07-05-2017, 23:20:35 PM
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