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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
15-09-2023, 04:58:17 AM
I couldn't help but let out a guffaw at this video:
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Social/Off-Topic / Recommended Youtube videos
14-09-2023, 08:44:30 AM
I'm not a big fan of Eminem or rap but this is very cool:
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Dissident
06-09-2023, 20:23:13 PM
would you be willing to eat Japanese sardines?
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Dissident
30-08-2023, 00:18:25 AM
Will it be safe to eat seafood in Japan in late September and October? Supposedly the ocean water has been contaminated with radioactive waste but I think it's probably
just a bunch of crap from the environmentalists.

What do you think?
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Social/Off-Topic / ITT: Foxconn
28-08-2023, 09:45:28 AM
# 6
Thank you for the recommendations. I will definitely look into them!
# 7
I will research Splendor as soon as I finishwriting this post
# 8
 I'm ordering Love Letter in a couple of hours. Thanks for the recommendation
# 9
I'm hoping for some more recommendations.
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Gaming / Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
05-08-2023, 11:14:50 AM
if you do decide to boot the game up I hope you'll send us a pic or two of your character barechested
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Feedback/Help / Help!
03-08-2023, 19:20:56 PM
there are no quick fixes

you need to find yourself a qualified naturopath who will actually get to the bottom of your problem and not merely treat your symptoms
# 12
thanks. I'll look into it.
# 13
how many players
anywhere between 2-10 players depending on the group
# 14
any recommendations?

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Gaming / Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
30-07-2023, 23:30:17 PM
Has anyone played M&BII yet? I think it's still early release.

I'm still mad about my gamer laptop overheating. I probably won't play any games until 4 years after the release of the next Elder Scrolls title.
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