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I have an original copy of BROTRR, contains the original box, the game CD and install instructions paper. I'll ship it out to whomever wants it, I'll pay for the postage too. Just hoping it goes into a loving collectors hands, someone who appreciates it. Post in this thread & PM me and I'll get it moving to you. If you feel like it you can paypal me some money for the postage, but that's optional.

Here's a photo of my game:
# 2
Hey! I still have my old copy of BROTRR, it's in the original box and has the CD inside.

I'd give it away for free for an enthusiast who loves the game, but I'll have to pay for international shipping anyway so I figure I'd auction it off.

The item is located in Helsinki Finland.

Price starts at 20.

I figured you wouldnt trust some random jackass posting on a forum so here's the auction on the finnish auctioning website

I can always close the auction on the site if I get direct payment and I'll ship you the game.
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Gaming / A Fistful of Frags
15-05-2008, 13:49:52 PM
I've been playing this mod a lot lately.
A western themed source mod. It's WINNER.

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BROTRR Discussion / BROTRR unboxing
06-05-2008, 11:59:32 AM
I bought BROTRR from If anyone else is interested, theres another auction up there right now.
Heres pix of the box:
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In the gamespot review of BROTRR, theres a song playing in the background. Is this from the BROTRR soundtrack? Is the soundtrack included in the retail game? If not, can I get the soundtrack anywhere?

Also, I noticed that there are only negative reviews of BROTRR on youtube. Could someone make a positive video review of BROTRR and put it up there?
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BROTRR Discussion / YOU'RE WINNER source spray
26-04-2008, 15:32:43 PM
I created a YOU'RE WINNER spray file for use with source games. Here's a pic of it in use in Team Fortress 2.

You can download it here:
The .rar contains a .vtf , a .vmt and a .txt file with instructions.

Tools used: VTFTool 0.5b, MS paint
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BROTRR Discussion / Want to buy BROTRR
26-04-2008, 09:16:37 AM
Hi. I'm new on the forums and I'm looking to buy the awesome game that is BROTRR.
So far the only place I've found where I could buy it is on, but it's a US seller and I'm not sure if he ships to Europe.
Does anyone have a original copy of the game I could buy or do you know any store where I could buy it?
Thanks for your help.
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