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Gaming / Starbound
07-08-2016, 06:45:25 AM
someone was just telling me about stardew valley yesterday but idk if its up my alley
# 2
Gaming / Drift Stage
07-08-2016, 06:37:25 AM
very cool stylish arcade/90s style racing game. i have the early access but i haven't played it in awhile, when i played it it still seemed like it needed more work but had alot of potential
# 3
Gaming / Starbound
29-07-2016, 15:13:17 PM
i should try axiom. ive still been meaning to play the updated version of terraria  i only played starbound when it initially came out and got bored of it and assumed they would fix it up later, every time i look at it it seems like theyre making some really bad design decision.
# 4
Gaming / Unreal Tournament
01-11-2015, 15:45:30 PM
i liked UT2004 but was never really good at it, the new one looks nice based on the screenshots ive seen
# 5
i have to take 2 semesters of it before i graduate
# 6
あなたは ウィナー
# 7
im taking japanese so i can get better at watching anime, i was already pretty good but theres definitely room for improvment
# 8
i have japanese class trhis semester
# 9
Gaming / IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!1
19-10-2015, 22:20:43 PM
Hi X23 I've missed you

Chivalry wasn't the same without you
hi same, glad to be back, i want to install my new gpu and do some gameing, what games have tou been playing? is the mumble server still active?
# 10
Gaming / IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!1
16-10-2015, 17:30:54 PM
hello how is everone doing
# 11
Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
16-10-2015, 15:36:33 PM
male reproductive organ used for procreation within a species!!!!!! lmao!! just kidding. im halfing salmon doe
# 12
Gaming / IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!1
16-10-2015, 15:34:49 PM
is this the game by the rpgcodex guy
# 13
Coffee? Yeah sure I like coffee...weed coffee that is..
# 14
Gaming / Starbound
12-05-2014, 01:48:30 AM
Fail Cirus is Fail. xD
# 15
Gaming / Starbound
11-05-2014, 23:15:53 PM
Oh it looks pretty kewl actually ill check it out
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