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Made a video about my reaction to being banned by a fat guy with a bad haircut:

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Did I get banned due to my sexual orientation or what? I thought this site was welcoming of gay people / gay couples.
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What's going on here m7s?

Someone banned me for "breaking the rules" but I dont know what I did. This same person also banned Marshall. I suspect that this person is a overweight baby with a bad haircut but i'm not sure.  :stamp:
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Uh oh.  :uk:
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????? Why would I get banned? Did I do something wrong?  :stamp:
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Social/Off-Topic / Cirus PC 2014
12-08-2014, 17:35:39 PM
Yeah I agree with what Cirus says, he sounds like he knows a lot about technology.  :belair:
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Did he teach you how go get a fishing hook in your leg

That is pretty funny!  :stamp:
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Gaming / EJ's PS4 Gaming Blog
12-08-2014, 17:33:53 PM
Thank god this guy is banned, dr nowel howard was spewing nothing but hate in a blog that promotes friendship and cooperation.

now that hes out of the way does anyone have any great PS4 experiences they would like to share? let us know in the comments below. thanks

Who is banned?
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Gaming / EJ's PS4 Gaming Blog
12-08-2014, 08:21:01 AM
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Gaming / EJ's PS4 Gaming Blog
11-08-2014, 20:10:56 PM
This blog sucks BTW what are you 13 years old going to your friends house to play metal gear together? Grow up   :loser:
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
09-08-2014, 10:38:36 AM
Great advice Cirus!!!!!!!!!!!!   :belair: :belair:
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i haven't. have you? maybe I will soon, but I ain't getting caught in the back of a cop car

No, i havent. Has your boyfriend?
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 :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa: :csa:
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Social/Off-Topic / go to the chat
07-08-2014, 22:56:46 PM

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