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I know we've had discussion of Modding in the past, and after receiving a copy of "YOU WIN !" Big Rigs, I wanted to immediately change it to the porper "YOU'RE WINNER !". However, I found the instructions to be rather confusing. Also, with many other mods, I figured other people could post things here.

Preparing for Mods

   1. Go to C:\Program Files\Big Rigs Racing (or wherever you installed it).
   2. Right-Click Carz.res and open it with either WinZip on WinRAR.
   3. Inside the new Carz folder, there is CarZ.exe. Right-click it and create a shortcut for it--the default shortcut will not work with the mods.

Changing "YOU WIN !" to "YOU'RE WINNER !"

   1. Go to Carz\Data\Images.
   2. Find "Win.bmp" and "Win_a.bmp". Delete them both.
   3. Replace them with and
You're set! Next time you race, you should see "YOU'RE WINNER !".
you can replace the one file that has the graphic
I know but unlike BROTRR it's not a loose png in the game's folders
you can replace the one file that has the graphic
I love ZIGS too
thisd is perverted
Regardless of what the game says, the real WINNER will always be in your heart
Thanks but it still feels like the game is bullying me by calling me "WIN" and also it is still corrupted, I don't want a corrupted game, and especially if it one of Lord Stell's creations.
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