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#11 Social/Off-Topic / rap thread 13-10-2017, 13:41:19 PM
express your inner self
work hard like Iím a elf
best feeling ever felt
the hand that i was dealt
your days and numbered like dice
i am the father of the anti christ
my soul existed before god
more frauds doors of a spark in my brain
girls like cougers they cannot be tamed
rappers canít walk they are so lame
crawling towards me they bore me
four keys of coke sniffed lyrics uplift
crazy poo poo my thoughts are flowing through the air
rappers be rapping like theyíre mentally impaired
Iím not scared of the genie
merit over sees me
bring justice no muskets
i must get something new i grew a new form of flow i like
snow tonight chosen fights so cold and unforgiving
make a living love the people
leave you full of holes like cheerios
here we go gain spit ink like a pen
locked in this prison i donít always listen
hot like a fireplace
white like marshmallows
harsh fellows
#12 WINNER Help / What is your favorite font? 12-10-2017, 20:42:02 PM
#13 WINNER Help / New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet 12-10-2017, 20:41:23 PM
is it chili-resistant?
#14 Gaming / My favorite PC games 12-10-2017, 20:35:30 PM
jc is a real desh-head
#15 Social/Off-Topic / im back 12-10-2017, 20:34:45 PM
welcome friend!!!
how was life in prison?
#16 Social/Off-Topic / rap thread 12-10-2017, 20:34:15 PM
braaap braaap braaap
matty b raps
#17 Movies, TV, Music, Books / Rick & Morty 12-10-2017, 20:33:38 PM
skrag did you riot at a mcd's???
do they aliens have boobs
#20 WINNER Help / New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet 11-10-2017, 02:58:10 AM
Great article and something I've been thinking about for a while.................
First everyone thought the netbook was dead and now they think the tablet is dead, but guess what? They're both making a big comeback as the new Chromebook!

All the fun of a tablet with the full power of GNU/Linux underneath.

Wanna play the definitive version of Sonic 2? You can.
Wanna do full stack web development? You can.

Really brilliant idea from Google! And I really think these mobile-style apps are the future for PC too, but not the way M$ is currently doing it!  Better security because of sandboxing. Longer battery life because they don't hog all your resources when you're not using them.

Here is the Chromebook Flip. I hope it doesn't FLOP

@whatusername @Skrag
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