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He is all of us...
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Who are you?
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Hi there
Most people don't know but I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese. What's funny is that 2 of the most commonly used words sound like "Nigga" and "Jigga," but they really mean "Umm" or "But" or "This" or something like that  (you can easily Google this to verify!).

When Dice and I were in Beijing we went to a KFC and saw this Chinese kid standing behind a African-American woman. The kid's mom asked him what he wanted and the he was like:
"Niggga..... Niggga..... Nigggaa......"

Then the African-American woman got upset สมัครufabet

....... what do u think about that ?
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The WINNERness takes a couple of days to kick in, hang in there BROTRRer!

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I became you're winner but I still want to die does that go away or am I forever cursed
Thanks for keeping us up to date, yut.sin1301
Diego Simeon Trainer Atletico Madrid Madrid mouthpiece Lionel Messi striker Barcelona show excellent. And make a difference every time the ball in the match La Liga Spain last match, which they both 1-1 in the field yesterday morning Metropolis Volta.

    Messi can not break the door. But the shot hit the post in the second half. And a great part of Barça's attacking game, leading to the goal of Luis Suarez in the final game. After the match, Simone hugged her newly beaten Hattie, leading Argentina to beat Ecuador in the 2018 World Cup qualifier. For a great form in this match
   "The atmosphere in the field is excellent. We have another wonderful night and Messi made an impressive performance. He is the only one who has the chance to touch the ball. It can make a difference right away. He has no sign of fatigue as many people expected. After a long journey (From the South American national team), this match was excellent, "said Simeon.

    Atletico Madrid have not been able to break the door, but Simeon points out that this is the best form of the French national team in the Venetian Metropolis. Poltava

    "For me, this is Greece's best game in the home, making the goalkeeper twice as hard. He's coordinated with Angelo Guerrera and won the ball well," said Simeon.

    In addition, Arjen Stein. Also talk about this game. "It's a great game between two teams with different personalities. Our first half is very good. goal keeper (Mark - Andreas Tergen) is important since the 60th minute Barca invade more to look forward to the rivalry "
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Good phrase, 1000 taka to you good sir
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