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#2 Gaming / yo donut Yesterday at 16:39:41
Hey ANDMIL, I saw you had fake uncharted on your wishlist and it was cheap so I got it for you.

Happy Alentines Day
You'll get the V later.. HAHA just kidding xoxo ;)))

In the future Andmill is gonna be a dick to you so don't get him Uncharted.

-Future steev
It melted my heart when Sergei Titovs dad tried to buy him a toy semi truck, but accidentally got him a real one!
The father of Wales international Jess Fishlock has made an endearing mix-up in showing support for his daughter.

He's bought an XL Lyon shirt ready to cheer her on in the Champions' League final versus Barcelona on Saturday, but when it arrived he discovered he'd purchased the ladies size and not the men's.

Jess shared the amusing mess up to her Instagram story.

At least he tried!

But when else have sports stars' parents melted our hearts?

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I'm black
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Shut the fetch up cirus
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He wasn't talking to you zigs
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