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damn houses in waco are more expensive than I thought they might be.  congrats.
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I have my secretary print out relevant web pages, and I dictate my responses to her
What's going on in NYC? I saw some headline about the National Guard being deployed in the subway. Is there a crime wave or something?

Just the usual boomers getting worked up about a "crime wave" (which is nowhere to be seen statistically but people do occasionally get mugged or pushed onto the tracks (fix: don't stand at the edge of the platform)) and instead of embarking on any kind of long term approach, the governor just picked up the National Guard hammer, which only served to make everyone more on edge and made the whole city look bad.
Tokyo is cheap in part because it's so huge that you can live an hour outside of the center on the train and still be within the Tokyo Metro.  They also actually build a poo pooload of housing, unlike US cities.  Being an hour out isn't bad though, every neighborhood is for the most part walkable and has its own little urban core of shops and essentials.

Our goal was to move to Tokyo, but the big pay cut and likely racial difficulties dissuaded us.  I'd still like to have a place out there some day.
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no one ever leaves
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Age of Ligmar
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