Book of Rigism 9th Edition
#121 12-11-2011, 15:15:45 PM
Best book ever!

Follow the link for awesome youtube videos:

#122 16-11-2011, 06:39:24 AM
disgusting. it's no wonder we don't get any new members when our veryown administration sets such a poor example

yes its appalling :stalin:

#123 16-01-2015, 21:36:56 PM
I'm Lord Stell and I approve this message. 

:stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:

Official king of Rigism and creator of all things WINNER !...not that I ever tried to be.

Did you know: one Big Rig contains over 100,000,000 times the energy of the known universe?
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