The Newbie’s Guides to BROTRR and Rigism

Section I—Introduction

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a very underrated video game (which will now be referred to as BROTRR) made by the company Stellar Stone. BROTRR has received many bad reviews from acclaimed reviewers, such as GameSpot and X-Play (of G4). The game became popular—and it still gaining popularity—due to the fact that said reviewers have claimed it is one of, if not the worst game ever made. Another major contributing factor to BROTRR’s popularity was a screen that congratulated you for winning a race (which are claimed to be impossible to lose). The screen featured a trophy with the words “YOU’RE WINNER!” under it.

Most people did not enjoy BROTRR. However, there were a select few that realized the genius of this game. These people went to GameFAQs and discussed it there. After month-long period of massive growth, these people gave themselves the name of BROTRRers and formed a BROTRRhood. The BROTRRers began to grow for
months before Rigism was spawned.

Rigism is a philosophy that encourages its believers to seek out the best (WINNER) in everyday objects. A Book of Rigism was written, and it still being added to occasionally. Rigists have begun to spread the word of Rigism to various boards on GameFAQs and other sites across the internet. A forum was created to discuss Rigism and many other things.

In early August, GameFAQs moderators came to the BROTRR board and began to delete the topics there. Many of the long-time BROTRRers have suffered banned accounts or lost karma. This has caused some of the members to leave, claiming that Rigmageddon had come to the board. However, some have stayed and continue to fight through the hard times, hoping for a recovery in the new future.

Section II—Vocabulary

BROTRR—Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
Rigism—A religion/philosophy created for fans of BROTRR
Stellar Stone—A small Russian company who developed BROTRR
Gamemill Publishing—The company that published BROTRR
Book of Rigism—The holy texts of Rigism. The latest version can always be read here
BROTRRer/Rigist—An official member and spreader of BROTRR and Rigism
YOU’RE WINNER!—The phrase commonly used to acknowledge other’s acceptance of BROTRR/Rigism
Alex Navarro—The GameSpot reviewer who claimed BROTRR to be the worst game ever. Also known as HWSNBN
GameSpot—The company that BROTRRers acknowledge as the worst company ever. Commonly referred to as GS
The Almighty Rigs—Thunder, Megaone, Thunderbull, Sunrise W12. Also known as The 4 Rigs.
WINNER—An object of extreme greatness/having the quality of extreme greatness
Not WINNER—A person who has not yet discovered BROTRR and/or Rigism
LOSER—Lacking greatness
HWSNBN— He Who Shall Not Be Named. See Alex Navarro
Midnight Racing Club Supercharged!—Another game made by Stellar Stone

Section III—BROTRR and Midnight Race Club

BROTRR features 4 Rigs and 5 levels to choose from. The Rigs are mentioned above, and the levels are Devil Passage 1/2, Forgotten Road, Nightride (Level 4), and Small Town Road. Nightride was previously believed to be inaccessible until somebody posted screenshots of it. The Rigs all race the same way, and the levels are similar.

The game features a very in-depth options menu. From here, you can choose from many options, such as changing the graphical settings to Normal (from Low) on the Textures, Terrain, Nature, and Effects quality.

The controls are quite simple to learn. The up arrow allows you to go forward, the left and right arrow allow you to turn left and right, respectively, and the down arrow allows you to stop your Big Rig and even go in reverse.

The gameplay of BROTRR well designed. You race through a series of checkpoints, trying to beat your opponents and stay a step ahead of the law.

Some copies contain a glitch that says "YOU WIN!" as opposed to the correct "YOU'RE WINNER!".

Stellar Stone released a patch that makes the game even more difficult. However, most BROTRRers do not think it is a required download to be WINNER.

Midnight Race Club Supercharged! was also released by Stellar Stone and is considered the sequal to BROTRR. Not much as known about it (every site with information is in Russian), but the game engine is considered to be very similar to Big Rigs.

Section IV—Stellar Stone and Gamemill

Stellar Stone developed BROTRR, Midnight Race Club Supercharged!, Gettysburg: Civil War Battles, and many more Civil War games that did not make it to the United States. Stellar Stone is located in Russia, but not much is known about it. Stellar Stone's website was once located at A mirror can be found here.

Gamemill is the company that published Stellar Stone's games. Gamemill publishes anti-spyware software along with games. Gamemill publishes many poker games, especially Texas Hold 'Em versions. Gamemill's site can be found here.

Lake Marion Storage is a rumored parent company to Gamemill Publishing, although no solid evidence has been found of this. On the bottom of Gamemill's site, it says that the Gamemill Publishing logo is a trademark of Educational Initiatives Group, Inc. However, nothing can be found concerning Education Initiatives Group, Inc.

Section V—Rigism

Rigism is the philosophy that has been founded due to the extreme greatness of BROTRR. It has been rumored to have improved everyone's life by improving their computer, getting rid of spyware, improving sex drive, and saving lives. Due to this, Rigism was founded in early June 2005. It has grown to about 120 members, but the official roster has been lost and the number cannot be considered a fact.

Rigism can be fully understood by reading the Book of Rigism and accompanying texts.

Section VI—Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do so many reviews claim that Big Rigs is a bad game?
Most companies do not realize BROTRR is a great game. Its best features
include its graphics, music, sound, gameplay, variety, replay value,
load times, challenge, story, and box art.

2. What’s so special about “YOU’RE WINNER!”?
It’s a way for BROTRRers to express their appreciation for one another.

3. Why are you devoting so much time to Rigism and fan work?
Because it is a great religion and everyone’s lives have benefited from it.

4. Why are you writing this guide?
So newbies to Rigism can get a better understanding of it.

5. Is it true that these questions aren’t frequently asked, but are instead just questions you have created in order for the readers to further understand Rigism?

6. Can Big Rigs really survive the Rigmageddon?
It mostly depends on what the remaining GameFAQs BROTRRers decide to do.

7. What benefits do I get from becoming a Rigist?
You will be saved and after death, will be sent to Rigvana.

8. Are there any other sites that have been made in honor of BROTRR?
Yes, and they can be found here and here. Neither are updated often.

Section VII—So You Want To Be A Rigist

Becoming a Rigist is not a difficult thing to accomplish. All one must do is accept the teachings of Rigism. Just make sure that YOU’RE WINNER! and you’ll be a Rigist.