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# 1
Social/Off-Topic / The Goodnight Topic
15-05-2024, 07:50:13 AM
Goodnight  :stamp:'s have a peaceful sleep
# 2
Sports / Celtics got a chance?
13-05-2023, 00:28:52 AM
 :stamp: or  :loser:?
# 3
I was at that match. Would anyone care to explain the result?
# 4
How does our  :brbox: run on the portable gaben?
# 5
Social/Off-Topic / Is this board dead?
17-02-2023, 23:30:36 PM
Whats the story? Seems fairly dead to me.
# 6
Sports / Just a reminder
17-02-2023, 23:26:54 PM
That the 2022 qatar world cup was rigged so messi could have a world cup :bidoof:
# 7
Steev, I need your help I'm looking for help for MUST install stuff for my Raspberry Pi. I always just use Raspian play around with software I see on repo but I'm kinda getting bored of that. Could you (open to anyone else as well) recommend me stuff I should install

Thanks, unsuky.
# 8
Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Zigs
23-06-2016, 20:42:27 PM
I was in Portugal on Christmas 2014 and some guy punched me in head and try to steal my wallet, was it you?
# 9
BROTRR Discussion / Shut the site down
14-11-2014, 02:28:54 AM
....that doesn't give big rigs 10/10   

The winner train keeps on a movin folks
# 10
Social/Off-Topic / Hi
16-10-2013, 12:47:48 PM
Use this topic to let everyone know that you just logged in.
# 11
05-07-2013, 16:20:58 PM
I need help in choosing the best android mini pc stick. I heard the mk808 is good, there is also a quad core version of that on its way, should I wait for that or is there better out there? Also where is the best place to buy these android sticks from without getting scammed?
# 12
SKRAG. where does it come from? please enlight us.
# 13
Feedback/Help / WINNER font bbcode
06-04-2013, 17:07:15 PM
We have the          and         , so why don't we have the :stamp: font like this  or this?
# 14
Ask Skrag / What do you think of SKRAG fandom?
06-04-2013, 16:14:04 PM
Do you think where worthy enough to give you praise?
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / RIP
09-11-2012, 11:58:18 AM
I miss this website
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