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Social/Off-Topic / introduce yourself
12-07-2024, 16:28:58 PM
Gamefaq message board for the game was how I remember finding out about rigism
# 2
Canada still in the copa america and not Brazil lol
# 3
Ive got soft spot for pompey for their brilliant fa cup win in 2008 and they played friendly with bohs in 2016
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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 sup salute
15-06-2024, 02:45:47 AM
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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
04-06-2024, 00:59:34 AM
If I was a dictator this would be the only site your allowed access to
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Gaming / Secret of Pokemon Sword.
04-06-2024, 00:48:43 AM
No series peaked with diamond and pearl
# 7
There's clubs I have a soft spot for and watch how they are doing  like plymouth argyle portsmouth hiberians fc Union Berlin  celtic Athletic Bilbao PSV eindhoven sporting Lisbon  and others  but I stick to my own countries league so I support bohemian football club first and foremost
# 8
Respect for selecting sunderland from me and you knew not to bandwagon the big 4 clubs I've only been outside of the stadium of light never seen match there but have seen matches in St James Park newcastles stadium I've spent a lot time in that region of England I highly recommend you get out to Sunderland match soon you will love it  people from Sunderland are super friendly and fun
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BROTRR Discussion / Big Rigs 2
03-06-2024, 18:06:25 PM
@zdrmonster12 will it be on steam? and will it be steam deck verified?
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Gaming / Secret of Pokemon Sword.
03-06-2024, 03:15:40 AM
SPOILER (hover here to read)
Its just another pokemon game with a pathetic effort of modernisation
# 11
What made you support Sunderland cirus? Have you ever been to a Sunderland match? 
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WINNER Help / Delete this account
02-06-2024, 16:00:07 PM
Just made me realise My account on this site is nearly a teenager
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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 sup salute
02-06-2024, 09:11:53 AM
# 14
Also dortmund at it again with the bottling
# 15
Not being liked is millwalls thing

Another club that are despised in the english leagues by fans is MK Dons because of how the club was formed
Sunderland are on different level of mismanagement and Sunderland til I die was hilarious it showed how fetching clueless and poorly run the club actually was. that was suppose to chart there promotion back to the premier league but they ended up relegated to league one lmao
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