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Should be good matches, I'm looking forward to Germany-Spain and Uruguay-Brazil
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Gaming / Star Citizen
21-06-2024, 14:16:43 PM
You get some pretty big FPS drops in a couple of the cities but overall it runs fine. Most of the major optimization mods work with it
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Gaming / Star Citizen
20-06-2024, 21:12:24 PM
Tamriel Rebuilt progresses at a glacial pace. It's entirely free and what's released varies from good to excellent. I don't know that it'll ever be done but they have been progressing more in recent years and seem to have a good team together.

Star Citizen will end up hitting a billion dollars of crowdfunding at some point, but is little more than a ship storefront. If you think of it as a live service game it makes more sense. The endless cycle of "updates" will continue forever because the main purpose is to convince enough idiots that they should be buying $500 ships.
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Social/Off-Topic / Midnight snack of champions
20-06-2024, 21:01:18 PM
You should fix that
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11-06-2024, 23:09:38 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Midnight snack of champions
11-06-2024, 23:04:24 PM
Round 2

should've used imgur, asshole
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Social/Off-Topic / Investment Thread
06-06-2024, 22:26:07 PM
Investing in the AI revolution can be an exciting opportunity, and there are several ways to approach it. Here are some strategies to consider:
  • AI Stocks: Investing in public companies that are actively working on AI technology is one way to get involved. This includes companies that provide the hardware and infrastructure for AI, as well as those creating and deploying AI systems.
  • AI ETFs: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that focus on AI can offer a diversified investment in this sector without the need to pick individual stocks.
  • Private Companies: If youíre looking for potentially higher returns and are comfortable with higher risk, investing in private AI startups could be an option.
  • Tech Giants: Some of the established technology giants are heavily invested in AI and can be a more stable investment option.
  • Education and Research: Staying informed about the AI industry and its developments is crucial. This knowledge can help you make more educated investment decisions.
Remember, investing always carries risks, and itís important to do your own research or consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Diversification and due diligence are key in navigating the investment landscape, especially in a field as dynamic and rapidly evolving as AI.
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Loved to see Athletic do well this year. Pompey can fetch off but the rest of those clubs are good
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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
04-06-2024, 00:57:43 AM
I'm reading Winesburg Ohio now. I haven't read a lot of American classics. I'm enjoying it.
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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
04-06-2024, 00:54:08 AM
More importantly, they didn't have access to
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Gaming / Secret of Pokemon Sword.
04-06-2024, 00:12:08 AM
Has there been any innovation in Pokemon in the last 10 years?
# 12
The Darren Bent beach ball goal and this win against Arsenal:

When I moved to college I was able to watch Premier League matches live on Saturday morning. After doing that for a while I decided I wanted to pick a team to follow to make it more interesting. I had to avoid the Big Four, and these two events happening so close together told me I needed to be a Sunderland fan. I've followed them closely since 2009, including the great escape years, the doomed Championship relegation and the miserable League One years. I've been on the SAFC discord for like 6 years now and have since learned a lot more about the history of the club and city. I haven't been to a match yet but I do plan to eventually.
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WINNER Help / Delete this account
02-06-2024, 16:33:43 PM
my account is off to college soon
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The owners in STID have been gone for a few seasons, Sunderland was on a great trajectory until they sacked Mowbray last season and then followed it up by signing Michael Beale. Still had the youngest squad in the Championship but the new owner's goodwill is running out
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Sunderland fans don't feel too strongly about Millwall. Following the second and third tiers for a few years now I don't think anyone really likes Millwall.

Sunderland are now 100 days without a manager. Not looking good for next year
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