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I don't remember, have you played all of them? I think you told me 3 was your favorite
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I just finished 4 a few days ago, it was probably my least favourite. Having 4 characters tied to a plot and backstory already sprawling in scope made the whole thing kind of messy and unsatisfying. The ending felt less like homage to earlier entries and more like they were really running slim on ideas.

My personal enjoyment rankings for the series

3 > 1 > 2 > 0 >>>> Dead Souls > 4

Quick reviews of each

3: I liked the Okinawa area it was so charming it makes me want to visit in real life and I am not a fan of beaches. The tighter story was a nice refresher combined with the new setting and it had some comic relief characters that I actually ended up caring about.

1: Gotta love the originals and the series does slightly improve mechanically each iteration but they got a lot right early on. Story hasn't ballooned out of control yet. The benchmark for a good game in this genre.

2: A retread of 1 but with a new location, I probably remember this one the least because of how long ago I played it but I thought it was very close in quality to 1.

0: Being a prequel the story gets both out of control and also fairly boring. Real estate can only be so exciting as a plot device and we know all the characters will make it into the contemporary set games so the stakes were not inspiring me to push on. Cabaret club minigame was PRIMO timesink though, they gotta make that into a mobile game and milk it for cash.

Dead Souls: dumb fun but soooo janky. Not worth going out of your way to dust off a PS3 for and I'm assuming it emulates horribly. This game actually put the final nail in my original PS3.

4: Obese plotting. Alright characters stuck in so many outlandish and predictable plot twists that I lost track of who the villains were, making the twists quite unimpactful. TERRIBLE hostess club minigame (at least in the PS3 version) which is borderline broken.

Will pick up 5 when it goes on Steam sale.
Putting 0 that low is insanity to me.

My ranking is: 0 = 7 > 5 > K2 >> K1 > 6 > 3 > 4

I put 3 above 4 because I really liked the antagonist of 3, and the final fight of 4 is by far the worst in the series. I like the story of 3 but it's unbelievably slow. I was losing my mind going back and forth between Morning Glory and the beach for like 20 cutscenes. On the other hand, it's hard to rank 4 last when it introduces Akiyama. I still enjoyed both overall.

5 is huge but I love how it all fits together. 6 is fine.

1 and 2 are the ones I remember the least. I'm tempted to replay 0-2 now that I've finished the series and have a more complete perspective.
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I think part of my favour for 3 is that the leap from PS2 mudboy graphics to PS3 HD (well, it probably runs at something more akin to 720p) helped a lot in feeling like a huge refresh. Looking at largely unchanged assets gets old even in series I love, lookin @ you Castlevania. 👀

Akiyama was a good character in 4 if only for the purpose of giving the player someone to feel the struggle with. The sense of power in the lives of the other characters was built up so much that the reasons for Kiryu to still be getting in fights with street thugs felt flimsy.


I thought it was p good and fun. 
Yeah, playing the Kiwami versions before 3 didn't help my impression. I didn't think about that point.

I like Tanimura a lot too. God the story of 4 sucked. What a bummer

Sleeping Dogs fetching owns. I spent years hearing how great it was, and by the time I finally played it I thought for sure I'd be disappointed. It deserves all the praise and then some.
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