Share your tenant stories here. OFFICIAL.
#1 08-07-2013, 18:44:39 PM
People who own a home and/or are landlords (ie have fat stacks or huge debts) are welcome to share stories as well.

This has happened in the last week: I'm leaving my current place soon, so some people have come inside wanting to see if it's a unit they would want to rent.  Out of 10 people who have come to see the place, 4 have gone inside the bathroom and opened the toilet lid.  One of them even bent down to take a closer inpection(?). I find this behavior truly bizarre and next time there might a little surprise for the person who opens the toilet lid.  Some guy also opened my fridge without permission and stuck his head inside because "fridge space is a very important part of an apartment" to him.

I also have other tenancy-related stories to share if this thread makes it to the front page of Reddit.  Peace.

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I have a fetch ton of these from when I was living with people last year.

My bathroom was wallpapered for some reason. The steam from the shower caused the wallpaper to peel. The letting agency said it would never have happened if we opened the window when the shower was on. I told them the window was open a lot. They said I was lying because we didn't leave the bathroom window open when we moved out of the house. Then they took money out of the deposit to rewallpaper the bathroom.

My flatmate had a key which opened one of the other bedrooms in the house rather than his. He told them this and they sent him away and told him to try putting the key in at a different angle because locks do that sometimes. He never got a key for his door. Then they took money out of the deposit to pay for a new key.

The walls got slightly dirty and couldn't be cleaned because the paint would just wash off them. We were then forbidden to wash the walls or repaint them. Then they took money out of the deposit because we should have washed or painted the walls.

Somebody left a tub of butter in the fridge when we moved out. They had photographic evidence of this and took money out of the deposit to pay for a cleaner to remove the tub of butter.

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you don't take your fridge with you when you move?

lana_chan my name is erin
#4 08-07-2013, 19:37:53 PM
you don't take your fridge with you when you move?

Some places come fully furnished, others just the kitchen (fridge, stove, etc.), or nothing.  Mine came with the fridge and a stove.

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A guy and his pregnant girlfriend came to look at my apartment and they asked to try the air conditioner.
I was like fetch no you can't use my air conditioner

They seemed very white trashy

#6 08-07-2013, 20:01:22 PM
I accidentally scared off all of my roommates and my landladies tried to get me locked up in a mental hospital. Fun times.

#7 08-07-2013, 20:09:20 PM
Sophomore year of college I was still on a dorm scholarship so I could buy a "single deluxe" which means I was in a personal bedroom, sharing a bathroom with one person and a living room with three other people.  When the semester started I had this ultra nerdy guy who would play WoW until like 3 am and since my bed was against the wall where he had his PC I could hear him raiding throughout the night.  Sometime around the beginning of October he decided to move back home but still paid for it until halfway through the spring semester, like March, so I had the bathroom exclusively to myself.  Around this time a foreign student moved into his room, I think he was Japanese but I am only judging that because his toothpaste bottle was in Japanese.  I literally never saw him in the two months I lived a couple of feet from him, and the closest I got was opening my bedroom door when he was walking out of the bathroom but he managed to run in before I saw any details.  He left his door open once and his room had nothing but his backpack in it.  There's something similar from freshman year but that's for another post.

It's also worth noting that I never really knew the other two guys because they always kept their doors shut.

#8 08-07-2013, 21:03:18 PM
The apartment I was living in during my senior year of college burned to the ground a couple months after I moved out and my roommate and our other friend smashed my bedroom door to pieces when I was gone one night so I had one of my closet doors as a bedroom door for a time. That too was eventually smashed to pieces and by the time I moved out the other closet door that became my new bedroom door had a bunch of holes in it from fists, hammers, things thrown at it, and so on. It was near a coal power plant too so I'm probably gonna get cancer in the future!

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I had an apartment in Indiana, on the other side of the river from the school.  On the school side, everything was very nice, fresh, and generally appealing.  On the other side it was a poo pooty industrial town full of disabled people.  I think that's because there was all kinds of weird poo poo in the water.  My toilet bowl was always pitch black from the organic substance growing on it (in total darkness since my bathroom had no window), and when I peed on it it would peel off sometimes.  I had a Brita filter thing since naturally I never ever drank that water straight from the tap, and the well with the unfiltered water in it always developed this yellowish tinge within a month of use.  I think that stuff was rust or some chemical because it was always in the fridge and usually dry.

Here is a picture of the toilet, after I had thoroughly scrubbed it:

That aside though, it was a pretty okay place because the rest of the tenants were rich asian kids with BMWs.

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#10 08-07-2013, 21:43:00 PM
steev isn't there a story about your dad and your dog that was barking and your neighbor or something?

#11 08-07-2013, 21:45:16 PM
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Dog used to bark all night

Neighbor Jerry used to complain

Dad told him to fetch off

Jerry moved away
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#12 08-07-2013, 21:56:48 PM
I wish you'd bring back that thread about your dad , he is my hero and role model

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Dissident LOVES furries. Are their any furries on this forum who'd like to come forward and be appreciated?
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Dissident LOVES furries. Are their any furries on this forum who'd like to come forward and be appreciated?
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I think ZIGS might be one but I could be wrong I hope he doesn't get mad if I am


#15 08-07-2013, 22:17:09 PM
I met him in a bar once in Glasgow. Great guy.

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