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# 16
Sports / Lance Armstrong
16-01-2013, 01:52:23 AM
He's kind of a bitch
# 17
Well PTP is the best by far. I'll see if I can get an invite for you. Also bitmetv is the best tracker for tv shows

EDIT: I have a PTP invite, give ratio proof and an email
oh hell yeah

check ya PM

# 18
Sports / NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
13-01-2013, 19:26:58 PM
Nuggets vs Pacers final sounds like the worst possible combination that could ever be created
Offense vs. Defense

no stupid superstars, just team ball

You r dum
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: Grub
13-01-2013, 11:58:58 AM
Can someone google this for me
# 20
Sports / 2013 lockout shortened NHL thread
13-01-2013, 11:58:15 AM
Season starts next Saturday

2013 will culminate in the senators going undefeated as Alfredsson retires and skates into the sunset.  That's just my unbiased opinion tho
# 21
Sports / Re: NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
13-01-2013, 11:55:50 AM
Nobody gives a poo poo about the kings

Their best player ever was mike bibby
# 22
Sports / Re: NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
13-01-2013, 11:54:54 AM
Our pacers are kicking some serious ass right now

Nuggets-pacers finals would be alright in my book
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# 24
Tehconnection sucks balls and passthepopcorn will never have open invites

I've always had to use pirate bay for movies. I wish there was a site as good for movies as BTN is for TV shows
# 25
Well at first I did bad ones, now I only do relatively safe ones

No more bad ones, those are really bad :( But the good ones are really good!

Weed is meh though, I grow sick of it but I need it to sleep and play videogames

I don't like it when people categorize all drugs together because they vary so much and are different for each person. ie I can't handle alcohol at all, as where most folks can.
# 26
Before drugs I was a loner Christian Walmart employee

Now I'm like the opposite and better in every single facet of my life

Except diet :/
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Social/Off-Topic / reddit is a good website
08-01-2013, 23:08:11 PM
good subreddit: r/GamePhysics
# 28
Sports / NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
08-01-2013, 17:01:29 PM
They just held the Clips to 70 points last week, yo!
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Social/Off-Topic / reddit is a good website
06-01-2013, 23:17:35 PM
what do they talk about besides getting high and posting trippy pictures
See for yourself?

Quite a bit
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