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holy poo poo there is nothing in the world trade center

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There's gotta be a partial archive of the old forums on the Wayback Machine.
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Social/Off-Topic / Lasagna Cat
10-02-2017, 15:18:59 PM
Paging Cat Brush.
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Rectangles are less fun than circles.
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* Don't lost those joycons, they cost $80!!!

HD rumble isn't cheap!
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Gaming / Sweet game deals
10-01-2017, 19:49:38 PM
Oh no, I bought N++ two weeks ago for $8! Oh well, at least the game is really good.

If you opt for the $10 tier, you could always trade it on or one of the reddits.  I've had a lot of luck doing so.

I had no idea was a thing. I've been giving away my leftover bundle games for free like a sucker!
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Gaming / Sweet game deals
10-01-2017, 16:35:14 PM
Oh no, I bought N++ two weeks ago for $8! Oh well, at least the game is really good.
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Social/Off-Topic / Celebrity deaths
05-01-2017, 03:09:55 AM
Damn. Gonna have his album on repeat all day out of respect.
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Sports / <Spoiler> loses! WTF
31-12-2016, 02:22:01 AM
OK so maybe Ronda isn't a great fighter, but she's still a great person, and that's all that counts <3

I can't support Ronda anymore after finding out about her conspiracy theorist nonsense

I dunno, man...
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Social/Off-Topic / Christmas Haul
26-12-2016, 00:56:24 AM
I got an electric shaver and bluetooth earbuds.
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Social/Off-Topic / Gubbarre #1 India comics
19-12-2016, 20:22:45 PM
It's a good thing he watermarks every panel, otherwise someone might steal all this great material!
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More like Cuck Factory because everyone who plays that becomes a cuck!!

Nah, it's an anime game. You can't get cucked by anime.
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Social/Off-Topic / Official "Order" Thread
10-12-2016, 22:18:20 PM
Great entertainment.

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