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BROTRR Discussion / WINNER Lego
21-04-2017, 05:06:43 AM
Check out this frickING WINNER BIG RIG:

If you click the gallery link below you'll see a fully-detailed engine and working lights:

 :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig:
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Leicester fought the brave fight but we're now out of the Champions League.  Well, we had a good run, survived Premiership relegation again, hopefully next season we can get a top-4 finish and prove that our 2016 win was no fluke
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...I just need to buy a new phone to use the app!  My current one is too old, the micro-USB port is fricked, it's difficult to make a charger cable stay in place
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This just in: Skrag still hasn't gone to Five Guys

what shall I buy when I go to Five Guys next week
I would recommend some form of burger with fries.

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You can use the "Write News" item for VIP rich members only

I sent you one  (Y)

it's been that long i've forgotten, thanks
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This just in: Skrag still hasn't gone to Five Guys

what shall I buy when I go to Five Guys next week
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You do it!!!

don't think I can post in the news window?
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:bump: need to post more news
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Social/Off-Topic / Reminder
16-04-2017, 03:30:46 AM
we just need to frickING POST MORE ON THE FORUM

Discord is great and all, but it's drawing away a lot of activity that otherwise would have been here
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Tried downloading it, but i've not actually got enough space on my phone :loser:

There's lots of videos and pictures on it, i'll have to transfer them to my PC

Also I need a new phone
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i've never understood this GIF - just what exactly is happening in it?
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good one :portugal:
# 15
@Skrag which Android version?

I have the minimum set the Kit Kat, but I may be able to support older versions without too much trouble

yeah it's Jellybean, 4.1.2

...but I see you've already fixed it :belair:

i'll try installing the app again later, just remind me Sunday/Monday in case i've not done it
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