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Social/Off-Topic / cuck, cuck, cuck
Yesterday at 19:55:44
# 2
Gaming / Steam group curator
22-07-2017, 19:45:45 PM
# 3
Gaming / Idle Daddy
22-07-2017, 15:39:34 PM
I wish we could speak with the developer of such an incredible product
# 4
Gaming / Idle Daddy
22-07-2017, 14:57:03 PM
Are you suggesting steev use Windows? Disgusting
# 5
Review something that isn't a huge blockbuster
# 6
Gaming / Idle Daddy
22-07-2017, 09:40:33 AM
There are already windows farmers

An option to disable game art would help minimize data use
# 7
Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
22-07-2017, 00:19:48 AM
# 8
Gaming / Steam group curator
21-07-2017, 00:01:49 AM
Maybe they were broken
# 9
Gaming / Steam group curator
20-07-2017, 17:49:55 PM
You need at least 3000 hours
# 10
Gaming / Steam group curator
20-07-2017, 14:59:58 PM
First review posted, keep track here:
# 11
Gaming / Steam group curator
20-07-2017, 14:48:06 PM
anti-recommend deus ex original for me to bug zigs

Dead By Daylight: bad game for idiots
# 12
Gaming / Steam group curator
20-07-2017, 09:37:41 AM
If anybody wants to recommend any games using our Steam group write something up and we'll post it
# 13
Gaming / Idle Daddy
18-07-2017, 12:50:03 PM
Thanks Daddy
# 14
Social/Off-Topic / hi
17-07-2017, 19:33:55 PM
He even has a 5 achievement cube!
# 15
I need more proof

What more proof do you need? Can you even point out the damn fallacy within this practical explanation? You damn hypocrite

and i have to learn from such an idiot like you ? who cannot tell the damn name of his 10th grandfather. and what to speak of his 10th grandfathers, 10th grandfathers, grandfather ?

thus who is accepting your evolution, big bang, moon landing this or that ? who accepts you ? i also dont accept you. that is all.

and where is the example in this entire world ? where an intelligent person is learning something from an failure ? give me such example. so again who is accepting such an first class hypocrite like you ?

I'm beginning to think the rascal idiot here is you

you go on shifting burdon of proof. but you are fraud. and first class saint ( hypocrite ) that is all.

When I took refuge in Tibet for five years after university, the monks taught me more than I could ever imagine. The one lesson that I still apply to my life more than all else, is to not let anger consume me. Control your anger... Direct it towards something more productive. That is my message to my detractors
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