The physics are incredible!
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  • Big Rigs physics define the purpose of our existence.
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My mind has been blown. BEHOLD!!!

Trees. Buildings. Checkpoints. You name it. But getting on top of them is no easy trick. Only attempt this if you are a true Big Rigs professional.

1. Find the object you wish to climb. (Last week I said that your camera can't climb a building with a lip, although I may be wrong.)
2. Drive straight into the object. (As you do with my last trick.)
3. Once you find this camera shift, adjust your rig even further to climb it.

Now you may be saying "Wow, amazing discovery! But... doesn't that mean that you were wrong and that collision detection now applies to the Big Rig?" At first I thought that but that isn't completely true. This is how I see Big Rigs physics:

Description: The camera collides with the object, lifting itself up. When it reaches a certain height, it then lifts up the rig. After this, the rig interacts and moves according to the shape of the object. How it moves according to the shape is a different thing entirely. It adjusts to a tree but it doesn't adjust to vertical structures such as walls and buildings.

How might this be useful? Well obviously it's to avoid the police more effectively. What if one of them realizes that you are carrying illegal cargo and they start to pursue? You can easily lose them by going up somewhere high. That way, you have safer passages and more  :bluerig:

All I can say is that Big Rigs physics are truly incredible. Now, more than ever, I realize that this is obviously the best game in existence.

I hope this helps everyone because all of you are  :stamp:

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Another :stamp: discovery from Naterdoo. :roddy:

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The amazing WINNERNESS of Big Rigs is demonstrated once again...

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