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At this point, HTML5 is well up to par with Flash and getting better.
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thats nothing

you should petition the white house to create big rigs 2
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V0.3 has finally been released!

  • Play as any of the Four Almighty Rigs!
  • Height detection (gravity) is back!
  • Menus are all done!
  • First minigame is included!

Sorry I've been so unicorning lazy, guys...

Amazing job!  :belair:
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Gaming / I got me a gameboy micro ya'll
29-12-2012, 21:00:47 PM
I once got an orginal gameboy in a junk car that I had purchased :belair:
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Social/Off-Topic / Diceman has tacos.
29-12-2012, 18:11:31 PM
Thumbs up for the effort :roddy:
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I didn't know bigfoot made reviews
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Social/Off-Topic / Best Name Ever
29-12-2012, 09:16:33 AM

 :roddy: It's actually a real name.
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thanks a lot, I had my volume all the way up and now i'm part deaf
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Thanks for the quick response, i'm looking over the tutorial and will give it a try. It's given me an idea to perhaps stay off the road and stick to the valleys where the cops will have less of a chance to see me. I can get through the roadblocks alright but it's them chasing me that is causing a problem. Will my rigs suspension take damage if I go offroad too much and will this impact the later stages of the game? I'd rather not use a camera cheat to spot them ahead of time as Naterdoo suggests I want to pass them the way the creators intended the game to be played.. No offense or anything but Naterdoo's method feels like a bit of an exploit or at least a grey area. Also will going on rough terrain damage your cargo and impact your score?

The police cars aren't built for the grey void, so to avoid them, that is your best hiding place  :roddy:
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No longer do you have to PM an admin, you can just use the item!!!
The script is probably buggy and there's a chance it might glitch ban him again, so make sure you use a lot of them  :belair:


Thanks Steev
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BROTRR Discussion / The ground
27-12-2012, 22:03:17 PM
what about the sky?
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Shots fired: 7478654677543
Kills: 0

THAT'S why not GI Joe.

there should be an 'lol' rating
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Why can't it be GI Joe?
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BROTRR Discussion / The ground
27-12-2012, 20:18:51 PM
There wasn't any limits in big rigs to begin with
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