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Social/Off-Topic / Santi sent me this video
26-05-2023, 21:34:06 PM

Does anyone know what they're saying? I don't speak Argentinian
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most of you do not know the history of this user, so I'll clue you all in:

steev was perma'd some years ago due to threats of violence against people, he was reinstated after a year or so of being banned due to him having friends here in the server who advocated on his behalf. When he rejoined he slowly started posting dumb poo poo and over time we asked him not to (the rule against reddit links is because he'd spam reddit links). He then kept saying poo poo like "American moment" anytime guns or whatever could be brought up and generally speaking took the opportunity to troll rather than engage and learn something.

During this time other users began to revile him and probably 50% of our active users had him personally blocked due to his various behavior over the years. I continued to tolerate him due to a couple of high profile friends of his and because I did appreciate his takes on gaming for example. So a half measure was struck to ban him from #off-topic #world-news and go from there. But he eventually found out, part of his arrangement to not be banned was to quit posting/talking about the US political situation because he was very underinformed about it and it usually amounted to troll posts. He didn't honor it today and thus he was banned.
realistically he should have stayed banned those years ago because his commentary was very much beyond the pale
(he threatened to kill black people and said he wanted to go around punching asians)
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Social/Off-Topic / Hi there its Zigs
13-10-2022, 07:43:17 AM
Just checking in to see how you are doing. I also wanted to talk to you about a personal matter involving my bank account. I need technical assistance from someone who knows me and what I am about. It has to be a person I trust implicitly and you fit the bill.
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I hope David's ok. Anyway, let us remember the good times with some of my favorite videos of him:

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Gaming / I like this screenshot
18-05-2022, 19:20:11 PM
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BROTRR Discussion / Hi
06-12-2020, 14:19:16 PM
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Now that the year has ended, post your top 5 albums of 2018!

Mine, in no particular order:

Arkona - Khram

Chrch - Light Will Consume Us All

Earthless - Black Heaven

Church of the Cosmic Skull - Science Fiction

Över - Facing Transcendence

Annnnnd a couple of honorable mentions because this was going to be a top 10 originally:

Panopticon - The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness

Witch Mountain - Witch Mountain

Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

All in all, great year for music IMO :thumbsup:
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Social/Off-Topic / The girl of my dreams
28-07-2018, 16:28:29 PM
# 9
(Just watch the first minute)

Only @Skrag will get this. Oh, and @DZ too

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So they can go to Rigvana and meet Lord STELL!!!!!!!  :roddy:
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Social/Off-Topic / How MANLY are you????
03-04-2018, 16:38:52 PM

My result:

Your score for masculinity was 113.
Your score for femininity was 66.

This thread is sponsored by:
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You're welcome pal
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Social/Off-Topic / Video from Diceman
06-07-2017, 19:26:19 PM
Diceman told me to post this video here:

He said to tell @Cirus specifically that it is a video of him (Diceman) IRL
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Cool new band
17-06-2017, 10:52:36 AM

wow, now this was a surprise! Only listened to the first 3 tracks so far but this is awesome! :portugal:
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