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# 1
Sports / Celtics got a chance?
13-05-2023, 00:28:52 AM
 :stamp: or  :loser:?
# 2
I was at that match. Would anyone care to explain the result?
# 3
How does our  :brbox: run on the portable gaben?
# 4
Social/Off-Topic / Is this board dead?
17-02-2023, 23:30:36 PM
Whats the story? Seems fairly dead to me.
# 5
Sports / Just a reminder
17-02-2023, 23:26:54 PM
That the 2022 qatar world cup was rigged so messi could have a world cup :bidoof:
# 6
Steev, I need your help I'm looking for help for MUST install stuff for my Raspberry Pi. I always just use Raspian play around with software I see on repo but I'm kinda getting bored of that. Could you (open to anyone else as well) recommend me stuff I should install

Thanks, unsuky.
# 7
Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Zigs
23-06-2016, 20:42:27 PM
I was in Portugal on Christmas 2014 and some guy punched me in head and try to steal my wallet, was it you?
# 8
BROTRR Discussion / Shut the site down
14-11-2014, 02:28:54 AM
....that doesn't give big rigs 10/10   

The winner train keeps on a movin folks
# 9
Social/Off-Topic / Hi
16-10-2013, 12:47:48 PM
Use this topic to let everyone know that you just logged in.
# 10
05-07-2013, 16:20:58 PM
I need help in choosing the best android mini pc stick. I heard the mk808 is good, there is also a quad core version of that on its way, should I wait for that or is there better out there? Also where is the best place to buy these android sticks from without getting scammed?
# 11
SKRAG. where does it come from? please enlight us.
# 12
Feedback/Help / WINNER font bbcode
06-04-2013, 17:07:15 PM
We have the          and         , so why don't we have the :stamp: font like this  or this?
# 13
Ask Skrag / What do you think of SKRAG fandom?
06-04-2013, 16:14:04 PM
Do you think where worthy enough to give you praise?
# 14
Social/Off-Topic / RIP
09-11-2012, 11:58:18 AM
I miss this website
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / PSP GO
09-11-2012, 09:22:12 AM
Posting from 'Internet Browser' with System Software 6.60 LME 1.5. Got this a year ago, new, for 100 euros brilliant deal for 16gb internal storage psp once you flash it becomes the ulimate psp have most of my fav psp games and still have 2gb left. :stamp:
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