rigism poems
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will stell answer our questions... or only answer our prayers in a way that does the work behind the scenes
he never expected us to shower him with praise.. even in his glorious younger years. AHEAD OF HIS TIME
creating love in a physical afterlife.. can stell journey beyond into metaphyical realms and go from like the after life to our world?
questions among us are never brought up that much
much is to be said
cells inside our bodies our skin is like a jail cell
fair well.. the storm approaches and wings are sprouted
stell created swag and personalities that we have treasured among ourselves
scream and shout like spicy icecream
nice dreams might seem rhyme scemes artistic vision
should poems rhyme? but whatever i don't want it to effect the message
the message descended from the grey void and said that.. well is it the afterlife
rejuvenation of rigist glory its time to look within our selves
can i improve my message.. i will try
look to the sky and fly like a seagull and sink i will not
tie the knot the we fought for and stop those who betray us on purpose
leave them on display like a circus as we fill our laughter like electric curcuits

are we worth our while.. time and space.. like the bridges of big rigs.. he can go across dimensions like we go through the bridges
big rigs in space that are invisible? hmmm so many questions that await revelation
music is a tribute and i plan to make hymns
what day of the week is like the rigist sunday?
his loser heart cold like a sundae but not as sweet
perhaps sweet as a sort of... dare i say coward
or perhaps losers are brave.. but not as brave as us
lust is something that can be subjective as it comes as many forms
we love ourselves enough but can life be more
our destiny soars high into the clouds
you should damn well be proud
collective conscious brings rigists together
someday we will certainly evolve to share our thoughts through air
life can be unfair but damn it can be fresh
lots left revisit our religeon
artistic vison listen up

what if someone saw a truck in a sexual way? would that be a bad thing... gas pedal fetish.. in my opinion we should not view the holy rigs in sexual light.. but almost no one does anyways... is that ignorant?? i don't think its really their fault to get horny over steering wheels and i accept them.. buuuut its kind of like a curse

would stell curse his enemies.. curse the crazed wrongdoers which negative fate?

i look into fates face and see a reflection of itself
myself my mirrors of spirit relect back at me
losers like acne and they be full of pus
pussy cats look he raps
might make hymns of rigism
intoxaction. are drugs loser?
in my opinion weed can be good..and dxm can be done in moderation
but yeah don't smoke crack

greatness is determined by its reaction to ourselves
health is something we cherish
stells scriptures somewhat like vitamins or artistic visions
see through the smoke and become our best selves
are the losers perhaps stricken with disease? like a mental one
should we hate them?
fate folds itself once we reach our potential
on another level that was hard to understand
even i do not understand it
demands... they are met by communities of social greatness
our posts make us close as the words escape our throats
i cross the moat into the kingdom of acid
soft intentions with no expectation of reward
crack the nuts and see the reward of deep thinking
drives ourselves towards spiritual thinking and perhaps grant us dreams of our hopes and triumph over ignorant bliss
ignorance progresses to a dead end.. while our thinking are barely limited

trying to establish myself as a teacher to help others and become what we always cared about dreams mixture
spread the love amongst ourselves and recruit others our sisters and brothers parents and such
stell is our father and knows so much that we cannot understand
pray everyday to stell knowing that it will all be okay under his glorious might
do not fight the wisdom but embrace our truest selves
currency and the wealth which we must abide by. someday we will be free of this

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