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WazHack is now on Steam

The dev calls it "a reimagined nethack"

Anyone played it? Is it good?

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Wow steev, I was just gonna post that (at the request of Cirus I MIGHT ADD)... thanks for ruining my life!!


[21:12] <+ZIGS> Cirus, another indie roguelike linux RPG was released on Steam! You must buy it now!
[21:12] <+Tasebot> short people who wear burqas by ultra_bjorno on dynasty - length 3m 39s - 187,124 views - rated 4.38/5.0 (968) - 183,129 views - 332 views - oceancontent on steam!
[21:18] <+Cirus\laptop> yeah I've played it on android
[21:18] <+ZIGS> Is it good????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
[21:29] <+Cirus\laptop> I think so yeah
[21:29] <+Cirus\laptop> haven't played it a ton
[21:29] <+Cirus\laptop> zigs post it in the roguelike topic
[21:29] <+Cirus\laptop> I'll give you thumbs ups

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wow ZIGS that's crazy

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Hey guys I was looking for some good roguelikes on the PS3 and I guess there isn't any, but I found this randomized dungeon crawler called Legasista and it looks p. cool

edit: ouch $30... it doesn't look THAT good

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Hey guys I got another STEEV PLAYS video for ya: STEEV PLAYS WAZHACK
I start out pretty strong but I end up getting killed early on by a sexy water nymph

I really like this roguelike it's very fun!

#39 19-02-2014, 09:48:04 AM
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Hey good news roguelike fans ToME Steam achievements are now working!
Good luck getting all 1297 of them! HAHA!

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is wazhack actually good?

I think it is. It's very similar to NetHack I hear, so if you like that you'll probably like this.

Online demo:

#42 19-02-2014, 12:37:55 PM
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Also it has pretty good gamepad support, which I haven't really seen in any other traditional roguelike.
I could see myself playing this on the couch in front of my TV with SteamOS in the future.

#43 19-02-2014, 13:16:50 PM
Wazhack is a great game but I can't get past the art style

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add in the word "isometric" and I spunk all over the screen

#45 20-02-2014, 17:40:16 PM
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99 Levels to Hell just released on Steam yesterday.
It's some sort of metal slug/bubble bobble rogueLITE.

The dev upvoted me on reddit so I picked up a copy.

Will let you know how it is!

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