Where does your username come from?
#1 11-04-2013, 17:34:23 PM
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SKRAG. where does it come from? please enlight us.

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#2 11-04-2013, 17:51:28 PM
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Heh, when I was a kid I invented the word 'skragarak' to mean when something is really bad-tasting or looks foul, because I was stupid like that.  "Yuck, what the fetch, that's skragarak" as an example.  I thought it'd be good to have as a username because it's pretty unique, I just shortened it to 'skrag' because skragarak is a bit too long.

Well, it's better than calling myself 'xxX1337hAcKzOrRXxx' or 'DeathAssassin77' or something lame like that.

#3 11-04-2013, 18:02:28 PM
The legacy of the DeathAssassin family and their 76 generations in the shadows is pretty cool though???

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#4 12-04-2013, 01:18:20 AM

 cheers m8
#5 12-04-2013, 03:30:21 AM
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I'ts kind of skragarak to be Darth Vader

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