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Will Celtic ever get out of qualifiers again? last couple of years thats as far as they have gotten. Shows how poo pooe Scottish football has gotten that the champions of their top league get beaten by a team with full time taxi drivers and police men. To beating Barcelona to this.  there gonna have to get there arse in gear after this embarrassment of match or they will be a giant laughing stock for years to come.

@WeahsCousin on Twitter posts fake quotes and facts all the time and posted this about the Lincoln team yesterday.  A Sky Sports presenter read off two of them as fact:
lmfao, sky sport news, lets not forget about this
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its the super villians vs the villains in the final
# 3
the amount of yellow cards be shown
# 4
very harsh tbh. France looked overshadow the whole half and some how there ahead
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the refball going on this Germany vs France match
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Social/Off-Topic / Ian Murdock is acting weird
06-07-2016, 19:57:39 PM
His death's gonna leave a vacuum in the Linux community
I suppose there gonna have to suck it up and move on
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Portugal has done enough to scrape by into the final so far, I wouldn't be surprised to see them beat whoever is in the final at this point although they would have to be underdogs.  Role reversal from 2004
There harnessing their Greek energy from 2004 euros to jam there way to a final. ZIGS why do you do this?!!?!?!?!?
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IS that the real EJ or a CRUEL impostor?
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A shame, because I had money on Wales winning that game  :unhappy:

Well Portugal weren't that good really - they've been lacklustre through the whole tournament I think.  When the other finalist is known it'll be obvious who'll win
Well compared to there group games this one was of there better matches because they actually won in regulation time  instead of drawing, needing extra time  or going to penalties and were more on the attack then other games. They haven't really looked great at this tournament. Both of the other quarter finalist  have looked much better so Portugal really have to step up there game if they wanna win the final.
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I'm going install lakka when i get the chance. emulatorstation interface i didnt like thats probably one of main reasons i didn't bother with retro pie again
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Wales looked really lacking tonight not much going on from them. Portugal looked good specially in the second half Ronaldo's header was great.
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The dream is dead for Wales but at least they can rest easy knowing they got further then England.
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What id like to do is make it sort multi media emulator box games things of that nature. i ran retropie on rpi 2 but  the install went haywire and i never ran it again.
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Steev, I need your help I'm looking for help for MUST install stuff for my Raspberry Pi. I always just use Raspian play around with software I see on repo but I'm kinda getting bored of that. Could you (open to anyone else as well) recommend me stuff I should install

Thanks, unsuky.
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Do all skeletons have anxiety because everyone is so SPOOKED by them?
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