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ZIGS eggplant fist non-potable water :belair:
#2 Social/Off-Topic / The 900 Today at 11:12:13
#3 Gaming / Idle Daddy Today at 04:06:24
1.9.5 rolling out

Big changes:
* Added 15 second timeout when attempting to login. If idle daddy doesn't get a response in that time he will show an error. This should end the endless spinner problem once and for all (though I'm still not sure why Steam doesn't respond sometimes :thinking:)

* Tablet daddy
On 7+ inch tablets in landscape mode, idle daddy will use this innovative 2Pain layout instead of the usual navigation drawer. Kinda pointless but I think google play gives special treatment to "optimized for tablets" apps so maybe this will get me more downloads.

* Offline farming setting no longer requires restart
Whenever I think of Theory of a Deadman it just reminds me of Fahrenheit:

Awesome song
[9:48 PM] Maraakate: tasebot hi
[9:48 PM] tasebot: tasebot is so on point these days
#10 Gaming / Idle Daddy 18-08-2017, 19:58:59 PM
Sounds like something the old zigs would say
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