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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Ghostbuster
06-07-2016, 17:15:49 PM
# 2
Cirus or Donut or Dissident could have changed it, why do you think it was me?

The avatar you gave me was the biggest clue  :leek: :thumbsup: :barneykiss:
# 3
Gaming / Steam Summer Sale 2016
06-07-2016, 16:33:40 PM
boys did I miss the SSS?
# 4
Movies, TV, Music, Books / Ghostbuster
06-07-2016, 16:31:29 PM
Are YOU seeing it Y/Y?
# 5
IS that the real EJ or a CRUEL impostor?

I used to be the real EJ, until steev changed my password and started posting as me. Luckily I registered this account to a real e-mail address so I was able to retrieve it as of this evening  :roddy:
# 6
Well that's a really good point. Too bad you never taught me how to do that

I could never do it myself. There's a function in the smf admin panel to do it, and one in phpmyadmin, but neither seemed to work very well.
# 7
Whoever wins, we still LOST all your posts, and that's a shame....

A tragedy that could have been avoided if the admin community took regular backups of the database!
# 8
Social/Off-Topic / I got warned on GameFAQS...
06-07-2016, 16:18:29 PM
For calling someone I suspected to be a racist "racist asshole," at least that's what I think happened, it was on CE, of course.

You should have said "I'm trying to see things from your point of view but I can't fit my head up your asshole too"
# 9
You may have won this one, Zigs, but at least none of our players look as ridiculous as Ronaldo!
# 10
Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Cirus
02-10-2015, 21:59:58 PM
# 11
Coors Light truck

Surely you meant Coors Light BIG RIG

RIP in peace to the rig and god speed to the driver and coors light
# 12
Did you try clearing your cache?  :portugal: :portugal: :portugal:

I don't get it, what does the Portuguese flag has to do with clearing cache?

Cause portugal has no cash :belair:

MarshalMustache you can get around your ban by setting up a virtual hostname, where your host name, the bit, is replaced with whatever you request it to say. The host name is what's usually used as a condition for banning someone which is why changing it avoids the ban. Message HostServ to set it up. Unless it's your nick that's banned then you need to use a different nick.
# 13
yeah it stopped someone on filmcow from registering to say hi to me, which i thought was really funny


the fewer people from filmcow on here the better
# 14
EEJ what's your new reddit account?

I'm updog69 in case you forgot

oh so you're the jerk who took that name. I'm updog70
# 15
this is why we need the wiki back

I realised when registering that the security question links to a wiki page offering hints but it doesn't work. Which means it will be impossible for anyone who's never played Big Rigs to register.

Hey EJ, how's the plane-making business been?

Alas I have no such business.
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