Classic Youtube Poop thread
Classic Meepington
#1 17-06-2020, 18:39:29 PM
Classics, bangers, underrated and overlooked poops from the Alright Age of content creation and web 2.0 tomfoolery. BUSH ERA TO FIRST TERM OBAMA PLEASE. But also I don't care if its more recent as long as its dumb and in the spirit of the old stuff.

I'll start.

Currently looking for Zelda: Boners of Evil. I think Dissident had a .swf hosted on his site but I can't find it anywhere.

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#2 18-06-2020, 14:38:00 PM
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This is the only one I remember watching any of

#3 18-06-2020, 19:04:31 PM
some of the ones i remember from back in the day

#4 18-06-2020, 22:35:09 PM
don't forget the fesh pince sequel

also this one i remember from the sonic side but holy poo poo dat quality doh

#5 20-06-2020, 17:24:31 PM
"What Is Spaghetti?" I almost completely forgot about which is crazy because this one was one of my favorite Zelda/Mario ones

the same guy that did the Hank of the Hill i posted earlier did some more funny KotH ones too, i linked all of the ones on their account (DurhamrockerZ) but if you look for that there are others he made that other people have re-uploaded over the years and they're all generally great in different ways

#6 07-07-2020, 17:30:39 PM
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DurhamrockerZ is the high mark of KotH poops, they'll come up in my recommendations every few months and I'll rewatch most of them.  Aliantos is good too.

My all-time favorite KotH video though is Hank's Back:

The fact that every character gets their own instrument is just one of the many things that makes it so great to me.  It's got layers.

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