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Post here every time you cum. (this post doesn't count)
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They're giving teens a taste of the challenge and thrill of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing by letting them take the baby steps of driving real world big rigs.

Here's the news article:

What are your thoughts? I can only see this driving interest in BROTRR for a new generation of WINNERS.

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For example if I get a baby or poop rating on my post I want to be able to rate them thumbs down or America or something.

Collecting 1,000 signatures from concerned users before I submit this to the admins.

I'll add the first signature:

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Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
02-09-2021, 00:30:30 AM
Post here every time you cum. (this post doesn't count)
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I need the reveal post ratings item to reveal post ratings. I am getting stomped whenever i post in ranked mode on YW. Please help me out the item is sold out at all major Bestbuys near me.
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Social/Off-Topic / buying gf
04-02-2021, 08:39:25 AM
I have lots of rigcoin. Looking for a woman with the following characteristics if you don't have all of most of them then don't even bother replying.

Gf must have:
  • large breasts (D cup or over ONLY PLEASE)
  • thin, athletic build
  • hair must always be at least shoulder length and styled in a feminine way
  • natural platinum blonde hair, NEVER DIED I hate fake people
  • never wears makeup, again in line with my previous point
  • perfectly flawless skin at all times, no stubble or acne *BARF*
  • must dress fascionible but not SLUTTY, dont worry I'll buy ur clothes for our.. heheh.. private times..
  • virgin, bonus rigcoins for intact hymen in collectible condition
  • chill, laid back, likes to have fun

Please send me a PM if u r interested I am a white male, 59 years old, good paying welding job. I have my own truck and I'm in a rent controlled townhouse. I don't cook or clean or flush the toilet you'll be expected to do all those things. Not looking for a girl who parties or goes out a lot to work out or be with their friends. Loyalty is a must! Looking forward to hearing from any of you female rigists with class and style out there.
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Adminiature Art Hour / Christass
13-12-2020, 17:03:23 PM
Streaming on Shopify:

Download for free in like FLAC or whatever (just put 0$ in the checkout, don't accidentally give us money):
# 8

*ting ting*

I'd also like to say         .

Thank you.
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Guys, I know this is old news as of now but I thought I'd bring it to everyone's attention that the world has been without a certain WINNER soul for a while now. Hunter Watson of Black Out Band died in 2016. I know he brought us all many good memories with his music and ingenuity. Sad for his family, friends and fans. Bless up.

# 10

So I'm finally at the point where I've witnessed every single entertainment property in the world. Every story has been told to me except for one. One that the weebs and crossover "prestige TV" watchers alike will sing the praises of. I'm about to journey into watching the Japanime known as Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I have never seen anything from this series before. The most I have experienced of it was playing the pachinko slot machine for about 20 hellish minutes but that's another story.

literally all I know about this series is contained in this image

The main motivation for viewing this series however stems from my desire to fully understand this beautiful video.

Anyway without further ado here are my thoughts as I view the series. I'll try to keep an open mind but I'm pretty cynical when I see cynical content.

Episodes 1 - 2

So... this it... this is the power of a completely paint by numbers show.

As I dig down into this series I really want to learn why it is praised in such regards. The first two episodes do not answer this at all. The first thing I've noticed about this critical darling is it's already got a handful of titty n ass shots (not that I'm complaining I'm super straight and I bone holes irregardless of dimensionality). I guess this is par for the course but also a bit saddening that genre tropes have basically become well deserved stereotypes for the medium as a whole.

The show starts off with the fairly bland lead getting put into a giant robot that I must stress is very much TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL so he can fight another giant robot demon that is called an angel. Is this ironic naming, foreshadowing that our heroes are the actual bad guys? At this point I'm not sure if the show is even smart enough to pull off that basic level of narrative depth between the TnA and the epic penguin of doooooom character.

At the end of these first two episodes my favourite thing is the theme song. It is 🔥🔥🔥 as heck even all these years later and I don't see myself skipping it a single time. The person who remixed the taco guy knew what was up. I also have a strong feeling of comfort when viewing 4:3 animus and I'm glad Netflix/Gainax didn't try to foist some chopped and screwed version that messes up everything to cater towards widescreen televisions. Also the colour scheme and sound effects are pretty cool. Story is very silly.

Character I most want to have relations with: Misato Katsuragi
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Social/Off-Topic / Classic Youtube Poop thread
17-06-2020, 18:39:29 PM
Classics, bangers, underrated and overlooked poops from the Alright Age of content creation and web 2.0 tomfoolery. BUSH ERA TO FIRST TERM OBAMA PLEASE. But also I don't care if its more recent as long as its dumb and in the spirit of the old stuff.

I'll start.

Currently looking for Zelda: Boners of Evil. I think Dissident had a .swf hosted on his site but I can't find it anywhere.
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Social/Off-Topic / Big Rona Checkin
12-05-2020, 21:08:04 PM
Please post here if you have the big rona. If you have eaten the bat soup also recommend where to try it.  :bluerig:
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Yea its actually me, Meep, and not some spambot taken over my account. I'm still safe, still STI free.

My band released a music album. Since this is my only social media account I gotta do my part to promote it.

Genres: punk, faeces, k-pop, country

Bandcamp link:
Its also on Shopify or some poo poo idk how to use that but its on there.

Listen to it or don't, I don't give a hoot. The Dolly Parton 9 to 5 cover ronically slaps but the rest were unfortunately written by me, except Fabricland and g


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Gaming / Beating Fred Dynamo in Doom Snapmaps
11-08-2019, 10:16:04 AM
Hi guys, how do I beat Fred Dynamo in Devil City Ransom by ZmannZilla on Doom SNapmaps(tm)
# 15
17-08-2014, 09:02:02 AM


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