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# 1
Lord Stell is very proud of you
# 2
What would you expect from an argentinian lame ass? Unless you accept SMS as a method of payment...
# 3
is it free?
# 4
tasebot (out of context): ...quite a cunt leaking semen the fame from yu yu hakusho had blonde hair is protected
# 5
dick_zapper: because it'd be bananas

tasebot: only downside is it'd be bananas
# 6
cirus: wow school shooting today

tasebot: it's dead silent in this office today as well
# 7
Social/Off-Topic / ATTN:
17-05-2018, 20:48:59 PM
But most important, we're all WINNER !
# 8
steev: It was totally bananas

tasebot: yeah like a mad max future with trump was just that good
# 9
tasebot: big rigs online is too winner, an frick u if youre gonna say good dog
# 10
tasebot: 03 |/ weed alarm |/ hell yeah, i bet you have an iq of like, 69
# 11
tasebot: don't panic unless the @Cryptocurrency Analyst tells you to

Well well, who tampered with tasebot? There is no way he said that all by himself
# 12
Zigs: Zapdos, friend...... cirus wouldn't lie

tasebot: pffffy zapdos, friend.....
# 13
I know, but replying to old posts is life.
# 14
I had that issue too, fortunately my version of BROTRR included a patch for it. You want it? it's yours my friend, as long as you have enough rubbies.
# 15
CryptoKittyBrush: Hi

tasebot: don't reply to "hi @CryptoKittyBrush
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