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skrag: erm

tasebot:  they're usually more interested in the eek anyway lol, or sometimes an erm all-cuber
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tasebot: dz got killed yesterday
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There is much WINNER lore here

I suggest you look at the "BROTRR Discussion" part of the forum and check out the pinned topics there

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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
Yesterday at 15:33:54
tech brojorno

I cut my nails yesterday and now my typing ability is much improved

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Sports / WORLD CUP 2018
Yesterday at 15:10:29
Some great games so far, some surprising results, all teams giving it everything. Good tournament so far, not even heard anything about Russian thugs beating other supporters up; I guess their government's heavy crack-down on them before the World Cup started has worked.

England beat Tunisia 2-1, despite Tunisia cheating a lot.  COME ON ENGLAND!  IT'S COMING HOME, IT'S COMING HOME, IT'S COMING!  FOOTBALL'S COMING HOME!

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Sports / WORLD CUP 2018
Yesterday at 15:00:41
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BROTRR Discussion / An Homage to Big Rigs
Yesterday at 14:58:13
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tasebot: cosmology - wikipedia, the free stock i got from robinhood is already crashing!! its down 5 cents!!! this is too stressful!!
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tasebot: hi to me instead of replying to catbrush, zigs
# 10
tasebot: hard to choose, but i'm a great negotiator, i should be president
# 11
tasebot: the purpose as: be winner
# 12
tasebot: new zigs sometimes, so there's that

heh  :portugal:
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Social/Off-Topic / Hand Health Thread
12-06-2018, 16:45:58 PM
my hands are great
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Announcements / SECRET SANTA 2017
12-06-2018, 16:38:13 PM
no make one
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