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Social/Off-Topic / Official "Order" Thread
10-12-2016, 21:49:47 PM
Please use this thread to post videos of British people yelling "ORDER!"

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Social/Off-Topic / Dodge Trucks Dedication
07-11-2016, 22:19:34 PM
Good afternoon friends,

Sorry i've been away for the last month or two, i've been working full speed ahead on my full length feature film documentary Dodge Ram Tribute video. Since everyone here is a close friend of mine, I thought i'd show you a sneak preview of the trailer for the video i've been working on over the last month or two. Please do remember to like, comment, and subscribe to this video as it really does mean a lot to me that you all like, comment, and subscribe to my video.

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Social/Off-Topic / Har Gow Tutorial
28-08-2016, 21:23:43 PM
Please see below video for tutorial on how to make the HAR GOW (with laugh track and subtitles). I'm glad you guys like my videos and don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video.

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Gaming / Who here prepurchased Deus Ex
22-08-2016, 20:16:14 PM
I did, and it doesn't seem to be from the creators of prison architect. It also seems like it's a steampunk dystopian near future, which is a big plus.  :csa:
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Social/Off-Topic / No Mans Sky: #disgrace
13-08-2016, 13:09:22 PM
This game really sucks. If you like being really bored and flying around from point A to point B, which all look exactly the same and have no depth, this is the game for you. If you like mindlessly shooting laser beams at trees, this is the game for you. Save your $50 and don't get scroogled  :belair: :belair: :belair:
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Social/Off-Topic / Rimworld
08-08-2016, 21:50:23 PM
There is a new game from the creators of Prison Architect called Rimworld where you have 3 guys and shoot at wild boars until you eventually run out of medical supplies and die (from boar wounds). Please check out this video of me playing the game and post your experiences as well. And don't forget to like , subscribe, and share my video. It really means a lot to me.

As you can see it's the exact same game as prison architect which is one thing I really like about it.

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# 8
Which of the following items is it ok or not ok to let visitors to your home use?

1) Towel
2) Tooth Brush
3) Soap Bar
4) Comb

Some visitors are here and they forgot to bring their things and im not sure what the proper etiquette is here. Could anyone please advise? Do I let them use my towel or do I tell them to go to the store and buy one?

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# 9
Good morning gentlemen,

About four score (in weeks) and 7 days ago, I decided I was going to be more natural with my deodorant. I usually just use old spice wolfthorn

And it works great. But I heard from some hippies and liberals that this deodorant contains toxic heavy metals, as do all other deodorants.

So I purchased "Tom's Natural Aluminum Free Maine Woodspice"

Opened it up, smelled great. Rolled it on, and I still smelled like a maine woodsman. The only problem is it doesnt work and an hour later after walking around in the heat I had terrible BO, which never would have happened with old spice. Tell me what you guys think. Like, subscribe, and thumbs up this thread. Should we use natural aluminum free deodorant and smell bad, or use deodorant with toxic radioactive heavy metals and smell good? Please feel free to post your natural or non natural deodorant tales in this thread.

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Gaming / My Factorio Review
18-07-2016, 22:58:37 PM
Here is a video tutorial of me planing the new game called factorio from the hit publishers of the hit game of the year Prison Arichet. Basically you play this game and harvest resources to build a structure in the middle of the lake. I hope you watch my video and like, ubscribe, and share this video. It really means a lot to me that you guys watch my reviews. See you on the next review.


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Social/Off-Topic / Turkish Coup
18-07-2016, 22:44:53 PM
Here is a picture of the Coupe in Turkey

Hopefully all this gets sorted out and no one is harmed.

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