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# 31
I need the reveal post ratings item to reveal post ratings. I am getting stomped whenever i post in ranked mode on YW. Please help me out the item is sold out at all major Bestbuys near me.
# 32
enjoy your teens while it lasts  :bidoof: I posted here as 13 and now im 28 lol

(living in a mental hospital atm)

if u are girl do u want to date me
# 33
Social/Off-Topic / buying gf
15-06-2021, 14:02:24 PM
if it happens in your own house it doesn't count
# 34
Yo is he even active anymore or is he sitting on a pile of riches from IDLE DADDY
# 35
Based. Welcome back to this thriving community. Make sure you don't get carried away with the torrent of lively conversations!
# 36
Social/Off-Topic / 500 hi salute
14-04-2021, 15:10:03 PM
# 37
Social/Off-Topic / buying gf
19-02-2021, 23:03:19 PM
What if you find a woman who is all of those things, except they also won't flush the toilet

have u ever defecated so hard you flushed your pants down the toilet
# 38
Social/Off-Topic / buying gf
18-02-2021, 23:10:36 PM
That describes me perfectly.

applications for bussy open next week, chump
# 39
Social/Off-Topic / buying gf
08-02-2021, 08:48:14 AM
bump forget to mention whites or asians only please. I'm not racist it's just preference
# 40
Social/Off-Topic / buying gf
04-02-2021, 08:39:25 AM
I have lots of rigcoin. Looking for a woman with the following characteristics if you don't have all of most of them then don't even bother replying.

Gf must have:
  • large breasts (D cup or over ONLY PLEASE)
  • thin, athletic build
  • hair must always be at least shoulder length and styled in a feminine way
  • natural platinum blonde hair, NEVER DIED I hate fake people
  • never wears makeup, again in line with my previous point
  • perfectly flawless skin at all times, no stubble or acne *BARF*
  • must dress fascionible but not SLUTTY, dont worry I'll buy ur clothes for our.. heheh.. private times..
  • virgin, bonus rigcoins for intact hymen in collectible condition
  • chill, laid back, likes to have fun

Please send me a PM if u r interested I am a white male, 59 years old, good paying welding job. I have my own truck and I'm in a rent controlled townhouse. I don't cook or clean or flush the toilet you'll be expected to do all those things. Not looking for a girl who parties or goes out a lot to work out or be with their friends. Loyalty is a must! Looking forward to hearing from any of you female rigists with class and style out there.
# 41
Social/Off-Topic / smokers only
28-01-2021, 10:39:15 AM
ᐯ卂卩乇 Ҝ尺乇山
# 42
WINNER Help / Should I switch to Family Cloth?
22-01-2021, 20:14:20 PM
I will shidd and fard daily in these. I wish they would bring them to gas station bathrooms
# 43
Gaming / Beating Fred Dynamo in Doom Snapmaps
03-01-2021, 16:54:57 PM
1) Use the Plasma Gun's "Stun" alt-fire to stun Fred so you can grab the power core.
2) Put the power core into the correct slot and press the button.
3) Repeat 3x more
4) That will make Fred's shield go away so you can finally kill him proper.

Oh and be careful of all the demons that will spawn during the fight.

# 44
Feedback/Help / BUG: Fix kekeke
25-12-2020, 21:16:32 PM
posting on christmas to say

# 45
Adminiature Art Hour / Christass
13-12-2020, 17:03:23 PM
Streaming on Shopify:

Download for free in like FLAC or whatever (just put 0$ in the checkout, don't accidentally give us money):
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