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Love The Unicorns
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Gaming / Harvest Moon
01-02-2010, 11:18:51 AM
AKA: Best game ever

Besides Big Rigs obviously
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: male to female ratio
01-02-2010, 11:17:01 AM
I'm not a girl, just pointing that out.

Jemina is the name of my favourite singer.
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Why thank you :)

You guys are all WINNERS
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+1 CP :belair:
I didn't know this site trafficked child porn
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I feel a little late to the game.  I just discovered this beautiful, beautiful game a week ago.  I'm playing the pirated version until I save up enough to buy the masterpiece.  Do they still sell it new?

What I love about Rigism is the fact that I don't have to denounce Christianity in order to be a believer.  I feel as if God used the fine people at Stellar Stone as a vessel to deliver us this perfection.

As of right now, my speed run on Devil Passage 1 is 2:06.  I will work on this.
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Named my profile after my favourite singer.

Can I still be a WINNER?
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I know how to live my life now.

Thank you for making me whole.
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