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Social/Off-Topic / reddit is a good website
08-01-2013, 23:08:11 PM
good subreddit: r/GamePhysics
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Sports / NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
08-01-2013, 17:01:29 PM
They just held the Clips to 70 points last week, yo!
# 33
Social/Off-Topic / reddit is a good website
06-01-2013, 23:17:35 PM
what do they talk about besides getting high and posting trippy pictures
See for yourself?

Quite a bit
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# 35
That's kind of sexy

But really, people actually use them for legal things??
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Sports / Re: NBA 2012-2013 Season Topic
06-01-2013, 14:12:51 PM
The Nuggets are going to the finals, I'm just not sure who their opponents will be

I guess I have to say Heat but bleeeh
# 37
fetch living in Indiana right now
# 38
I just cut ten inches of hair off, now it's like an inch long, what should I bit to style it with
# 39

~$6 each
oh fetch last time I used them they were like 12
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# 41
Sports reddits are generally moderated well, drug reddits are a huge circlejerk and the last one is basically just reposts now.

So diss is RIGHT
it depends in the drug Reddit. for example, mine are r/drugs, r/eldertrees, r/psychonaut, r/tryptonaut, r/lsd, and r/shrooms

fetch r/trees

I see a couple of reposts on r/wdtsg sure but that's one I actually like contributing content to. It's a mature step up from YouTube poop I think.
# 42
Unsubscribe from everything except sports subreddits, drug subreddits and r/wheredidthesodago
# 43
Anyone said Melissa yet?
# 44
why is Levis 511 not an option?
I just bought a dark grey pair today, they were on sale for like 30

The sizing of Levis are different depending on where you go I guess.  At Kohls I get the 514s because the 511s feel like tight ass skater emo jeans, but at JC Penney the 511s fit perfectly and the 514s are too baggy.
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