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# 526
Social/Off-Topic / Re: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
09-12-2009, 14:38:17 PM
it look better than at least
# 527
i must start race car circuit for gratuitous multitudes of minorities who must drive and live fast.
# 528
Social/Off-Topic / Re: sup bitch
09-12-2009, 00:59:00 AM
tthank you Dreaded Cone for joining for sites sinn.
# 529
Social/Off-Topic / Re: sup bitch
09-12-2009, 00:32:35 AM
why cone is dreaded???>
# 530
Social/Off-Topic / Re: Google dominates Linux
08-12-2009, 22:44:13 PM
good graphic
# 531
oh men

 :iceburn: :iceburn: :iceburn: :iceburn:
# 532
your sense of rhythm is as good as the alignment of your teeth

is that what the many of all call considerable "ice burn"????
# 533
Social/Off-Topic / Re: GLORIOUS NEWS
08-12-2009, 22:02:28 PM
you look like ryan seacrest

but that's just me
# 534
ah okay so why he declare fatwā on here???

he get ban before???
# 535
who Thunder???
# 536
I bet Sergey is a double agent for FSB and Chechnya.
# 537
tthank you

 :roddy: :roddy:
# 538
BROTRR Discussion / chechen big rig adventure
07-12-2009, 00:20:02 AM
As many know, there is skin for camo man in BROTRR files. On his uniform is Chechen Separatist flag. in original BROTRR, were you playing as Chechens, or trying to stop Chechens?????? I stay neutral as I lack sufficent facts. sorry if has benn discussed.

EDIT: PROOF - skin of chechen

is Chechen  :stamp: for driving rig or  :loser: for attempted sabotage of rig process>??
# 539
why name demolotion dick?
# 540
How exactly would one in search of downloading beauty download Terrawars. I huge fan but unknown to me is how to install.

and does anyone know where send moeny to fine Filipino developers so that i can not steal their only game ever produced???
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