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Social/Off-Topic / Ello My name is Kaylyn,
04-08-2011, 17:06:36 PM
I just learned how the dino's went extinct!

And hi.
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I think I'm safe once I read this: was just wondering, say for example you had 4 children and one of them made a joke about god having girly long hair and the other children laughed and made fun of that too. Would it be okay if I came over with a knife and tore your children apart violently and painfully limb by limb, murdering every last child of yours? Actually lets say that it was your childs birthday party and all their school friends were over too, and they were laughing at the joke as well. Would it be okay for me to rip through their flesh and slice their throats?

Messed up question but there is of course a point to it.



The moderator of physforum also posts on sciforums

That is beyond ridiculous I don't think I'm even on the radar.
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But I didn't post anything on this site: I just remembered it cause that guy was crazy and I thought it would be nice to share.
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Announcements / Re: Image Usernames
24-07-2011, 13:22:53 PM
I totally lucked out on a place to live for University. Government subsidized housing where I get my own apartment and my food delivered to my door in Waterloo. There's only one other place like it in Canada.

My place is so cool I got a cat and a chalkboard.

I'm a physics undergraduate but I think I want to take math instead so I don't have to do lab. Besides I think theoretical physics is cooler.
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Hi
23-07-2011, 17:26:18 PM
There's a lot of satire about the game. Like the Amazon advert about the game that has this as a review:

This is the most important game ever made. It raises questions that few others do, such as "aren't we all just racing against ourselves anyway?" and "what would the world be like without police?" and "Wouldn't it be wonderful to not have the laws of physics?" It also takes on very important metaphysical questions with a clarity reminiscent of Descartes: What can I actually know about the world around me? Can I really trust what my eyes are seeing?

For example the use of bridges in the game; are they really there or are they an illusion? If I choose one of the five available trucks will it work or is it only the illusion of a truck? There is so much hidden depth to this game that many, many reviewers are totally missing when they blindly criticize its meager graphics, dysfunctional AI, and total lack of audio. These are merely surface issues. The heart and soul of the game is the valuable critique it offers of reality.

If you want to expand your mind and wisdom, buy this game. It will broaden your horizons and teach you to view the world in profound new ways.

The videos just were the ones that made me laugh most.
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Hi
23-07-2011, 12:01:26 PM
Oh and I borrowed that cat pic thx
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BROTRR Discussion / Hi
23-07-2011, 11:58:17 AM
I actually have Big Rigs (played all of 10 minutes of it.) I got it cause I was inspired by watching some youtube videos:

My clan leader was hurting for a new game to play. I found those videos and suggested it to him as a joke. Those videos are hilarious. I watched them several times, laughing till my stomach hurt. Did anyone here create them?

I found this website when I looked at Wikpedia page for Big Rigs and saw a footnote for a fansite. This site doesn't seem mainstream. But I liked the attitude so I decided to register and see what happens.

Cheers :)
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