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Social/Off-Topic / I'm on the Computer
16-05-2024, 23:27:36 PM
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Ever since I managed Wexford in FM13 I've casually followed the LOI and learned to hate Shamrock Rovers. John Delaney should be in jail
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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
03-05-2024, 12:54:13 PM
Age of Ligmar
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Social/Off-Topic / good books thread
26-04-2024, 19:51:49 PM
I want to get to Wandering Stars soon:

His first book (There There) was exceptional
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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 sup salute
16-04-2024, 22:47:26 PM
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BROTRR Discussion / The WINNER Archive Project
30-03-2024, 12:07:32 PM
do you plan to rehost the archive
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Social/Off-Topic / introduce yourself
22-03-2024, 21:52:36 PM
I think a lot of us heard about BROTRR from X-Play, or because of the infamous Gamespot review
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BROTRR Discussion / The WINNER Archive Project
22-03-2024, 21:47:04 PM
@Maraakate do you still have the MRCS ISO?
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Social/Off-Topic / introduce yourself
22-03-2024, 12:16:06 PM
this is it
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WINNER Help / Delete this account
11-03-2024, 00:04:07 AM
F uck this s hit site
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WINNER Help / Delete this account
10-03-2024, 23:10:15 PM
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Tokyo is cheaper? That would surprise me.
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Good video, Meep
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Dissident
15-11-2023, 22:41:37 PM
It is a nice country and it is cheaper to travel in Japan than  the United States because of the depreciation of the yen.  There are too many tourists and the subways and trains are old. A lot of the infrastructure was built in the 70s and has visibly aged although it's still functioning. If you have money then it is worth a visit. The architecture is nice and they do a good job keeping their buildings and streets clean. The people are overly polite but that is mostly a good thing. They have vending machines and convenience stores pretty much anywhere you go. There is no reason to own a coffee machine because of the vending machines and convenience stores are so ubiquitous.

I rate Japan 4.1 /5.

Where have you visited?
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Social/Off-Topic / im a big fat gaywad
15-11-2023, 22:40:55 PM
does that OFFEND you, LIBTARD??????

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