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This is one of the coolest songs. Like the Shadow of songs..

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Gaming / Sweet game deals
Yesterday at 09:13:56
maybe Cat Brush wants it though :shadow_thinking:
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Gaming / Sweet game deals
Yesterday at 00:22:33
i wanted undertale but didn't know how to ask
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Nice avatar!!!!  :texan: :texan: :texan: :texan:
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
19-06-2017, 01:35:45 AM
It's already at 70-something. Sadly I never got to see it at 69
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
17-06-2017, 10:35:38 AM
wasn't expecting this

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Social/Off-Topic / Cuck, cuck, cuck
16-06-2017, 16:46:06 PM
Riddle me this Atheists if this place is dead then why would I put so much effort into making WINNER app eh?
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Adminiature Art Hour / Grandpa's manga
14-06-2017, 18:58:39 PM
This one is called The Yucatan and damn I must say it is exciting
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Adminiature Art Hour / Grandpa's manga
14-06-2017, 05:48:26 AM
This is some old-school text-based manga written by my grandpa (age 86). Our first manga is called "Sabbatical Recalled" and it's the shortest of the 3 mangas he gave me. It's about a guy named Fred who's a real scientific dude, giving little credit to the supernatural. That is, until he has a CRAZY experience in Israel that not even science could explain!  :sonic:

I only have a printed copy so I had to scan it. Used the popular FOSS OCR engine "Tesseract" to extract all the text, and used even more FOSS tools (enscript and ps2pdf) to create a PDF. Hope it turned out alright

If this gets enough likes I'll scan the other 2 mangas

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Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
13-06-2017, 18:05:34 PM
Things have been pretty crazy! Got a crazy old roommate threatening to sue us but i don't think she will.
Probably moving to Roseville in the coming months to help my aunt with my grandma.

I drink a  Mtn Dew Kickstart every day to stay healthy. fricks up my teeth though (hope to get them removed soon)
# 12
Moto G on KitKat, nice (bacano). Might be able to reproduce the crashes.

Going to my grandma's house later today though :brbox: :brbox: :brbox:
# 13
Rolling out

I assume bjorno is the one who gave me a 5 star rating - Thanks! it really helps a lot
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samsung phone?
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
05-06-2017, 21:01:35 PM
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