HP Customer Service| HP Printer Support Number
#1 08-07-2019, 07:41:41 AM
We as HP Printer Support Number offer onsite-plan to individuals clients who require the specialist to go to their place or who're nearest to the service centers. Based on your need our specialist will trip to your home, identify the mistake and connect it to the place. If there's a necessity of substitute or shipment of the printer, it will require three or four working days to achieve your products at the home. It’s HP Customer Service 1-800-382-3046 commitment you won't ever be disappointed with this onsite service and also the technician’s behavior.

 HP Customer Service

HP Printer Support Number

#2 08-07-2019, 23:51:10 PM
Hi AllHelplineNumber I see you are posting from Windows 7.  Are you are extended support expires in early 2020?

 Sergey, what do you think of my :stamp: gamespot review of BR?

I think you're WINNER !

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#3 19-09-2019, 23:25:04 PM
It will be very good for you to give me an answer about it.

#4 20-09-2019, 15:18:39 PM
man printer support lines must be bigger business than I assumed

#5 20-09-2019, 15:49:14 PM
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I'm glad to confirm that everyone on follows the same process I do of printing off all new posts before reading them

really makes me feel like I'm experiencing our community more concretely

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#8 22-09-2019, 19:54:41 PM
I print all of mine onto t-shirt transfer sheets, put them on beefy white Tees before reading them. I then mail the shirts to africa.

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#9 27-12-2021, 11:31:27 AM
Buy a Brother printer

#10 27-12-2021, 13:01:37 PM
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My Brother printer is great

#11 27-12-2021, 19:33:59 PM
The Sony DPT-RP1 is nice. The 13 inch display e-ink display renders most pdfs well. It has had problems loading  some books that I've downloaded from I was never able to get the Bluetooth or wifi feature to work so I have to use my computer to transfer documents.
 It's a good product. I wish Sony spent a little more time developing the software for it because it has the potential to be a killer product

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#12 30-12-2021, 14:54:39 PM
My printer is my brother

 cheers m8
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