Siralim 2: the hidden gem
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Deity Quest (another monster catching RPG) is -75% off today. I remember hearing about this game around the same time I heard about Siralim 1.
Probably not as good as Siralim, but still gonna check it out. It has multiplayer

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WARNING: uses stolen tiles from DCSS #scam

#33 16-08-2016, 15:03:22 PM
DCSS is open source, but this game probably sucks anyway (unlike DCSS)

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yeah i remember playing the demo last year and thinking it was OK, but Siralim 2 is the GOTY for sure right now so you should just get that.

Reddit has been mostly ignoring it, so that's how you know it's good

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UPDATE: The boss on Realm 27 is kicking my azz

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How far are you?

#39 30-08-2016, 11:24:29 AM
About to go for the Realm 11 boss, I haven't been playing a lot

#40 30-08-2016, 15:26:16 PM
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I defeated the realm 27 boss last night. It was easy once I figured out a trick...

#41 30-08-2016, 17:09:06 PM
Discover this one WEIRD trick to defeat the realm 27 boss!

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this doesnt run at all for me!!! :-/

#43 31-08-2016, 16:43:08 PM
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Try software rendering lol

Right-click>Properties>Set Launch Options:
Code: [Select]

Runs ok-ish on a Core i3. Turn on frame skipping

#44 16-09-2016, 05:21:14 AM
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Hi I completed the main story tonight. It took around 40 hours according to my save and there's still a lot to do. So yeah I highly recommend this game. The Android/iOS version is DIRT CHEAP and you can easily transfer your save when you buy the PC version

It's funny. Cirus once said Linux gaming is like anorexia, yet somehow it's made me a more well ROUNDED gamer!!

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Congrats steev! You really are a Grand Wizard now

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