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Sports / Brazil dun goofed
29-10-2018, 00:31:31 AM
Thought this forum was against online harassment... time to move to, I guess
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isn't there one deep in oakland

it's worth the trip
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except for the fact that baby ruths are gross and snickers are pretty good
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Adminiature Art Hour / Miniatures I've Painted
09-10-2018, 12:25:48 PM
Yeah I always forget how tiny those things are.  Gotta have a quarter in there for scale every time
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Adminiature Art Hour / Miniatures I've Painted
08-10-2018, 12:31:19 PM
blue gradient on the swords is cool
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Social/Off-Topic / Test
06-10-2018, 21:11:40 PM
good work steev
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Social/Off-Topic / WINNER APP update
06-10-2018, 21:11:19 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Tomorrow is my birthday
06-10-2018, 21:09:55 PM
understand what?
the power of love
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Social/Off-Topic / Tomorrow is my birthday
04-10-2018, 18:05:00 PM
cirus changed his thumbs up to  :twisted: eek

:foxy: :foxy: :foxy:
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Feedback/Help / 2 Questions
03-10-2018, 22:25:11 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Tomorrow is my birthday
03-10-2018, 22:24:38 PM
Yeah, there's a gap where her knowledge should be
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Social/Off-Topic / Tortilla chips & salsa
23-09-2018, 17:34:56 PM
I used to work at a tex mex restaurant, a rite of passage for every teen growing up in central texas.  My fondest memory of that era was working the chip warmer and spending all day stuffing my face with freshly fried tortilla chips and the decent house salsa.

Most people I served also seemed to enjoy the chips and salsa, although I'll never forget one man who weighed at least 400 pounds and preferred to dip the chips in butter packets instead.  At first I was stunned by his shameless gluttony, but eventually I tried it out, and I have to admit it was pretty tasty.  If I ever give up on life, you can find me in a tex mex joint putting butter on my chips.
# 14
ambien has the added benefit that you can blame all of your stupid racist behavior on it
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Social/Off-Topic / The girl of my dreams
10-09-2018, 13:03:09 PM
the portuguese spirit is wafting through your monitor  :portugal:
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