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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
19-06-2017, 01:35:45 AM
It's already at 70-something. Sadly I never got to see it at 69
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
17-06-2017, 10:35:38 AM
wasn't expecting this

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Social/Off-Topic / Cuck, cuck, cuck
16-06-2017, 16:46:06 PM
Riddle me this Atheists if this place is dead then why would I put so much effort into making WINNER app eh?
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Adminiature Art Hour / Grandpa's manga
14-06-2017, 18:58:39 PM
This one is called The Yucatan and damn I must say it is exciting
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Adminiature Art Hour / Grandpa's manga
14-06-2017, 05:48:26 AM
This is some old-school text-based manga written by my grandpa (age 86). Our first manga is called "Sabbatical Recalled" and it's the shortest of the 3 mangas he gave me. It's about a guy named Fred who's a real scientific dude, giving little credit to the supernatural. That is, until he has a CRAZY experience in Israel that not even science could explain!  :sonic:

I only have a printed copy so I had to scan it. Used the popular FOSS OCR engine "Tesseract" to extract all the text, and used even more FOSS tools (enscript and ps2pdf) to create a PDF. Hope it turned out alright

If this gets enough likes I'll scan the other 2 mangas

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Social/Off-Topic / hows everybody doing?
13-06-2017, 18:05:34 PM
Things have been pretty crazy! Got a crazy old roommate threatening to sue us but i don't think she will.
Probably moving to Roseville in the coming months to help my aunt with my grandma.

I drink a  Mtn Dew Kickstart every day to stay healthy. fricks up my teeth though (hope to get them removed soon)
# 8
Moto G on KitKat, nice (bacano). Might be able to reproduce the crashes.

Going to my grandma's house later today though :brbox: :brbox: :brbox:
# 9
Rolling out

I assume bjorno is the one who gave me a 5 star rating - Thanks! it really helps a lot
# 10
samsung phone?
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
05-06-2017, 21:01:35 PM
# 12
Gaming / Sweet game deals
05-06-2017, 16:25:16 PM
he's gonna ban you from the discord
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Gaming / Sweet game deals
05-06-2017, 16:19:13 PM
give them all to DZ
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Social/Off-Topic / Unexpected 69s
04-06-2017, 17:05:43 PM
only 20 more downloads until one of my apps reaches 69. I don't really expect to get there though. We'll see...
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He's considered neutral, but i think he's more of a good guy since he's dedicated his life to protecting mankind. He nearly gives his life to save the world at the end of SA2, and does it again in the true ending of Shadow the Hedgehog (2005). I mean we think our troops are good guys, but honestly how many times did they actually save the world? Less than Shadow I bet
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